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ドラゴンボール 第24話
Dragon Ball 24


Kuririn's Desperate Back-and-Forth Battle

Episode Title Screen Episode Still Image
放送日 Original Air Date: 1986/08/06
脚本 Teleplay: 平野靖士 Yasushi Hirano
演出 Episode Director: 竹之内和久 Kazuhisa Takenouchi
作画監督 Animation Director: 進藤満尾 Mitsuo Shindou
美術 Background Art: 池田祐二 Yuuji Ikeda
山元健生 Takeo Yamamoto


Gokuu is happy as Giran slinks backstage. The announcer brings Kuririn out so he can interview the two boys, while Blooma, Oolong, and Puer continue to worry about Gokuu's tail. The announcer congratulates them for making it to the semi-finals, and says they're really amazing despite their size. He says that Kuririn is 13, but wants to know how old Gokuu is, putting the microphone to Gokuu's face. Gokuu asks if this is a gift, but Kuririn explains that it's a microphone, which is a thing that makes your voice louder. The announcer compliments this gag.

Gokuu counts on his fingers, and then says he's 12. Kuririn says he claimed to be 14 before, but Gokuu explains that the old man corrected his poor math skills, and he learned that 12 is what comes after 11. Blooma thinks 14 seemed too old for him, especially since he was lacking hair. The announcer says that Gokuu is now the youngest competitor at this tournament. Kuririn is surprised that Gokuu is actually younger than himself, but Gokuu points out that he's still taller than Kuririn.

The announcer now asks about Gokuu's tail, wanting to know if it's real. Kuririn wants to know about it too. So, Gokuu drops his pants and shows that the tail is very real. The announcer wonders if this is a comedy act. He then asks about their uniforms, wondering what sort of dojo they studied at. Kuririn says it wasn't a dojo, but training from the Almighty Fighting Master. The announcer has heard of him, as has most of the audience, so everyone is amazed to hear that. The announcer is surprised the Almighty Fighting Master is even still alive, which causes Jackie to fall over in the back. Yamcha approaches Jackie and asks him if he's really the Almighty Fighting Master, so the old man decides to tell him the truth: he is Jackie Chun. Yamcha pushes the issue, listing off all the similarities, and suggesting his hair is a wig. Yamcha attempts to grab his hair, but Jackie dodges him and heads to the ring.

The announcer says they'll begin the match now, but Jackie wants an interview, too. He snatches the microphone from the announcer, puts on a cute face, and greets the crowd. The announcer falls over, and Jackie starts up a little song. Eventually, Gokuu jumps in and starts dancing along with him. When the singing and dancing ends, everyone is left speechless. But the announcer soon calls for the fifth match to begin. Kuririn and Jackie stare each other down until Kuririn flies at him with a punch. But Jackie hops backward to dodge it. Kuririn then kicks at him, but Jackie ducks it. Kuririn punches at him, and Jackie just barely leans back to avoid it. Kuririn next comes at him with a hard punch, but Jackie catches it with his bigger hand, and then they break. Jackie then whacks Kuririn in a flash, knocking him into the wall, where he says he didn't see a thing.

Kuririn can't believe Jackie's amazing speed. But Gokuu was able to see the punch, so he tells Kuririn to look harder. Kuririn gets back to his feet, and he and Jackie face each other. Kuririn wonders if he really can see it. Then Jackie quickly comes at him, and Kuririn is able to see him after all. Something happens in the blink of an eye, and they break. The announcer didn't see a thing, but Gokuu did. Jackie says it's been a long time since someone could match his speed, and Kuririn says it's only natural, considering who his teacher is.

They come at each other again, and something happens in a flash. Then they break, facing away from each other, and Kuririn falls down. The count starts, and Gokuu cheers him on, until Kuririn finally gets up at 9. The announcer then interrupts and asks if they could explain what just happened. Jackie and Kuririn agree to demonstrate the events of that moment, slowly acting out everything and verbally explaining: Jackie and Kuririn walk towards each other, then Jackie kicks at Kuririn. But Kuririn ducks it, then punches at Jackie. But Jackie spits at him and Kuririn pulls back. Jackie then tries to come at Kuririn with a left, but Kuririn blows snot at him and Jackie pulls back.

Jackie takes a moment to think of a new strategy, as does Kuririn. Up until this point had taken about 0.2 seconds. Then Jackie suggests Paper-Rock-Scissors, and scissors (Jackie) beats paper (Kuririn). Jackie does the old "look over there" trick, and says he had jumped while Kuririn's head was turned. Jackie asks the announcer for some assistance with the jump scene. The announcer picks him up, and Jackie kicks Kuririn in the back of the head, then lands with his back to Kuririn. Jackie is done, and Kuririn calls the announcer over. The kick to the back of the head had sent Kuririn flying, and he flipped through the air once (the announcer has to flip him). Then Kuririn lands with his back to Jackie, and that's when it ended and he fell.

The announcer is very impressed with their speed. The two finally resume the fight and face each other, and Kuririn has a secret weapon he wants to try out. He pulls a pair of panties out of his shirt and tosses it into the middle of the ring. Jackie goes for it, and Kuririn takes the opportunity to jump at him with a kick, which sends Jackie flying into the air above the crowd. Gokuu cheers, while Yamcha thinks that the Almighty Fighting Master couldn't possibly lose like this. The victory seems certain for Kuririn.

As he flies out into the city and begins to fall toward the ground, Jackie says he has no choice. He positions his hands and fires a Kamehameha Wave at the ground, much to the shock of Yamcha and Gokuu. The blast propels Jackie backwards until he lands in the ring. Everyone stares in awe. Gokuu asks Jackie if that was a Kamehameha Wave, which the announcer overhears. The announcer says he has heard that the only person in the world who could use that ability was the Almighty Fighting Master. Yamcha is now positive that Jackie is the Almighty Fighting Master.

Kuririn asks Gokuu what he should do, but Gokuu simply says to win, which Kuririn doesn't think is very good advice. Jackie prepares to resume the match, and Kuririn then rushes at him. But Jackie jumps over him and Kuririn crashes head-first into the wall. Jackie laughs at this, which makes Kuririn angrier. Kuririn runs at Jackie again, but Jackie vanishes, leaving only an afterimage. The real Jackie is behind Kuririn, and he pops the boy on the back, knocking him out. Jackie walks away as the count begins, knowing the results already. Yamcha is impressed with Jackie's speed and use of afterimages. The count soon reaches 10, and Jackie is declared the winner.

In the waiting room, Yamcha bluntly says that Jackie is strong because he's the Almighty Fighting Master. Gokuu says that's impossible, since the Turtle Hermit doesn't have hair. Yamcha insists this is just a wig, and he grabs Jackie's hair and attempts to yank it off, but with no success. Yamcha then suggests that this is his real hair, and he normally wears a bald cap, but that is dismissed as ridiculous. Gokuu sniffs to see if the old man smells like the Almighty Fighting Master, but instead he smells like oranges. Jackie happens to be spraying cologne on himself, because he is a gentleman. The announcer then calls out Gokuu and Namu for the sixth match. The two head to the ring as Yamcha and Jackie watch.


This episode includes all the events of Chapter 41, Chapter 42, and Chapter 43. These chapters were first printed approximately 10 months before this episode first aired. There is very little anime-original material, other than extra commentary from Blooma, Oolong, and Puer.


Giran has non-speaking cameo at the beginning of the episode. Namu is credited, but his only line is a grunt. There are many other uncredited roles and non-speaking characters, such as other spectators and Martial Arts Fest officials.


The events of this episode take place at the World's Best Martial Arts Fest grounds, at the Fighting Stage and the area surrounding it, and in the waiting room. There is also a scene in the air above the Southern Capital, outside of the World's Best Martial Arts Fest grounds.

This episode takes place during Age 750, immediately after the events of the previous episode.


Home Video

This episode was first released on DVD in the limited edition Dragon Ball Dragon Box on July 7th, 2004. It was again released in single disc format on May 2nd, 2007 as part of Dragon Ball #4.


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