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Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 7

First Printing (Published February 25th, 1996) Shueisha

Shen Long Newswire


Akira Toriyama

In Celebration of the Shen Long Newswire's Final Issue

Everyone's interested in Akira Toriyama's future.

I've heard some funny things about it.

What Kind of Interview Will It Be?

p. 1

Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 7

First, about Dragon Ball GT.

Interviewer: I'm sorry to bother you when you're so busy today...

Toriyama: I'm not busy at all. I've finished my work on the Dragon Ball Daizenshuu for now, so I'm not working anymore (laugh).

Interviewer: Then you must be getting a nice rest.

Toriyama: Well, after I take my son to school each morning, I finally get to sleep. Right now, I'm building a new work area. So when I think about plans for it, I eventually end up pulling an all-nighter. I'm having more all-nighters than I had during weekly serialization (laugh).

Interviewer: The new anime series is Dragon Ball GT, but how involved in it are you?

Toriyama: I'm only a little involved. I checked the stories given by Toei Animation, and I gave a little advice. After that, I just drew a few characters and illustrations. But it's fun! It's a feeling of "Aah, so this was a possibility." Everyone at Toei Animation has really racked their brains. I really appreciate it. Wow, Gokuu turning little again. With that story, I could continue the manga serialization again... or so I say, but I actually don't have the will to draw it at all (laugh).

Interviewer: Then, Mr. Toriyama would recommend GT!

Toriyama: Yes! I would recommend it. As a normal viewer, I also enjoy it.

Here comes Macintosh!!

Toriyama: Oh, come to think of it, I'm getting a Macintosh (an Apple brand computer) from someone soon!

Katsura: Huh? What're you talking about?

(Here, surprisingly, Masakazu Katsura bursts in!!)

Because of Masakazu Katsura's intrusion,
the interview goes in an unexpected direction...

Toriyama: We were talking about Macintoshes. Do you know about Macintoshes? You probably don't know about computers and such.

Katsura: What're you saying? You're no good with machines either. Can you tinker with audio yourself?

Toriyama: Audio? If you mean music, I can listen to it.

Katsura: Not that. I mean connecting wires and fiddling with it and such...

Toriyama: Oh, no. I can't do that.

Katsura: See. We're both no good with machines.

Interviewer: I-Is that so...

Toriyama: But soon when I get a Macintosh, it's going to be amazing. Katsura, you're gonna get left behind. There seems to be a lot of interesting things you can do. If I say "Main character running pose!" into a mic, won't it draw that for me? That would be ideal, though.

Katsura: That's because you can't be bothered to lift a finger at all. You don't apply enough screentone either.

Toriyama: You apply it too much (laugh). Oh, that's right. Katsura, this time you're drawing in the Shen Long Newswire. Draw a crisp-toned Gokuu.

Katsura: Ah, that would be good.

Toriyama: Do that. Now, we were talking about my near future?

Interviewer: Y-Yes.

Toriyama: I have a lot of ideas, though. As I learn the Macintosh, I'll draw one-shots and such.

Interviewer: I thank you very much for today.

A-Anyway, good luck, Akira Toriyama!

Mr. Toriyama and Mr. Katsura are really good friends!?

Masakazu Katsura burst in on this Akira Toriyama interview. Mr. Toriyama and Mr. Katsura became good friends because they both had Mr. Torishima as their first boss. After this interview, they had a lot of fun talking about Mr. Torishima. It's like they were war buddies who served under the strict Mr. Torishima's command!

↑ This was something Mr. Toriyama drew in a preview for Mr. Katsura's Wingman a long time ago.

→ Mr. Katsura was even drawn in "Me Nowadays."

p. 2-3

Me Nowadays

Akira Toriyama

After the cover art for this Daizenshuu 7, I'm done drawing Dragon Ball pictures. It's the last one.

Also, this cover art is something I used as the last panel in the final chapter.

I painted it with two colors back then, but I set aside a copy for the Daizenshuu and just repainted it with four colors.

I was trying to be lazy, but I slightly underestimated the amount of time this would take me...


...But at least I don't have to draw anymore.

I'm so happy!!

I'm finally free from Dragon Ball!!!

...That probably makes it seem like I really hated Dragon Ball, but it's not like that.

I'm always looking forward, so I just don't have any interest in a manga that's already finished.

...But that doesn't mean I'll start a new manga right away.

I don't really have that kind of talent, so I need to take my time and do a lot of thinking.

That goes for one-shot manga with only a few pages, too.

Also, right now I'm doing six pieces of cover art for Fabre's Souvenirs Entomologiques by Mr. Daisaburou Okumoto, and I have some design work to do that I can't reveal yet. So I'll think about manga after all that...

I don't mind if you forget about me, but if a one-shot manga of mine appears in Shounen Jump, give it a look.

I'm not confident that it will be entertaining, though...

Well, goodbye, everyone.

[sign] This was Akira Toriyama.

Thank you for liking Dragon Ball!

The TV series and movies are still going, so take care!

p. 4-5

Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 7

I Love Dragon Ball

Part 7

Masakazu Katsura

The final installment is Mr. Katsura. He is Mr. Toriyama's friend, and he even appeared in this issue's interview!

Pleased to meet you, Dragon Ball fans. I am "K2RMAN," also known as Masakazu Katsura. I have had the privilege of being friends with Mr. Toriyama for 16 years. Lately, he gives me all kinds of advice about work. While working on DNA², he told me, "If you're going to make the main character transform, why don't you change his hair color?" And on top of that, he said, "You have to make them fight," which felt like words from a god. I was worried that was just like Super Saiyan, but I drew it anyway. And then I got chewed out by Dragon Ball fans with "Don't be dumb!" and "Don't copy!" and so on. Bittersweet memories. That's the reason I've been allowed to draw Gokuu and #18 here (what kind of reason is that?). Gokuu ended up looking like he's going to Harajuku or Shibuya, but please don't be angry, fans.

Toriyama Gives Heartwarming Advice ↓

You apply too much tone.

p. 6-7

Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 7

Still Some

DB News


DB Daizenshuu Editorial Department

In the newest movie, coming in March, we rediscover the charm of the very beginning!!

Kid Gokuu really shines in this movie! The plot is a new story based on Volumes 1 through 8 of the original story. It also features a robot designed by Mr. Toriyama. This action-packed adventure practically flies out of the screen! Don't miss it!!

[poster] Get ready for this highly anticipated blockbuster.

↑ If you purchase advance tickets, you can receive the cool poster shown above. You gotta get it!!

Opens March 2nd at the Toei Anime Fair.

Innocent Gokuu has come back!!

← Gokuu

Kid Gokuu is strong and cute. He has a tail, too!

↑ In this shot, which incorporates lots of CG, kid Gokuu's antics have been revived. The amazing scenes go on forever!!

Blooma is a pichipichi gal, of course!!

→ Blooma

Blooma is young again with a bang! The Turtle Sage will stare in awe!

Dragon Ball Daizenshuu Extra Volume

DB Carddas Perfect File Part 2

It's the second part of the ultimate Carddas catalog! A thorough study of three very popular series: Super Battle, Visual Adventure, and Characters Collection! It's one book you can't miss!!

Yay!! Everything about Carddas is complete now!!

March 11th
980 Yen (Tax Included)

p. 8

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