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Dragon Ball has such a deeply interesting and unique world. If we scientifically analyze this world from the four point of views of world-view, society, culture, and races, things we couldn't see will become visible!

Dividing the peculiar world-view, which differs from reality, into four and explaining.

Section 2 - The World of Dragon Ball

World View for DB


The World of Dragon Ball (World-View)


The Formation of the World

The world of Dragon Ball where SON Gokuu and his friends live has a rather unconventional, exotic world-view. What sort of structure does the entire world, which comprises Earth, the universe, and the World Beyond, have? And, what is the view on mortality that makes the characters called gods and the world of Dragon Ball the most Dragon Ball-like? We shall explain the Dragon Ball world's world-view and make it easier to understand.

The Formation of the World
The world of Dragon Ball is divided into three large areas. The World Beyond, the Living World, and the Kaioushin Realm are the three. If you look at "Figure 1," you should understand the relationship between those three areas. We would like to add detailed explanations about those three areas.
The World Beyond
The World Beyond, a location also called the Heavenly Realm, can generally only be entered by dead people, and Kami. It is the world after death for those of the so-called Living World, as well as the world where the Kami who manage the Living World reside. At the position where the Kami are constantly observing the Living World, under extremely important circumstances, it is possible that they might interfere with lifeforms of the Living World.
Also, the World Beyond is divided into three areas. That is, the Kaiou Realm, where the Kami live and where Heaven is located, the Enma Realm, where King Enma, who judges the souls of the dead, lives, and Hell, where souls of bad people are dropped, are the three. Each area is in a locational up-and-down relationship. And from Hell to the Enma Realm, free movement is impossible, and only by special methods is going from the Enma Realm to the Kaiou Realm possible. From these facts, it is known that a perfect up-and-down relationship, Kaioushin Realm ↓ Enma Realm ↓ Hell, has come together.
The Living World
The Living World is also called the Present World. To be frank, it means the vast universe. This universe is divided into four galaxies; other than that, it is known that there is a chaotic place called the Devil Realm somewhere in the universe. The sections known as the East-West-North-South Galaxies only utilize Kami as administration units, and the lifeforms who reside in the Living World are able to freely travel the galaxies. Of course, that is supposing they have the technology...
Incidentally, Earth, where SON Gokuu and his friends live, exists in the North Galaxy. The North Galaxy seems to have some of the most beautiful planets.
The Devil Realm is a unique place within the Living World. It is a place that the eyes of the Kami in the World Beyond are unable to see; little is known other than the fact that wicked lifeforms live there. There are records of these lifeforms threatening the peace on planets in the universe.
Ordinary lifeforms cannot freely travel from the Living World to the World Beyond. The only way to go is by turning into souls upon death. However, there are some who are given permission to travel by the Kami of the World Beyond, though they are few in number.
The Kaioushin Realm
The Kaioushin Realm, where the Kaioushin, the gods of the [other] gods, reside. To observe both the World Beyond and the Living World, it revolves around the circumference of the entire body of the world on a fixed cycle, like a satellite. Of course, under important circumstances where the fate of the universe is at stake, they sometimes interfere with both the World Beyond and the Living World. Beings from the World Beyond or the Living World are not permitted to enter here. Without the highest level of Shunkan Idou ability, movement [to and from] is impossible.
Dispatchment From the World Beyond
As one of the ways the Kami of the World Beyond govern the Living World, a dispatchment of a capable person is given to each planet. The objective of this is the observation and protection of the intelligent lifeforms that live on the planet. And the most essential objective is to stimulate the evolutionary growth of immature intelligent lifeforms, meaning to show them the best path.
However, the beings who are dispatched to each planet do not become that planet's Kami; they often become a Kami's Attendant. As for Kami, it is mandatory to choose an appropriate being from among the intelligent lifeforms on the planet. This relationship is shown in "Figure 2." There appears to be a rule saying that the fate of a lifeform is up to the lifeform itself; dispatched beings are only permitted an assisting role to the very end.
Actually, Mister Popo and Karin, who were dispatched from the World Beyond, are committed to a role supporting the elected Kami.
The World After Death
Moreso than the formation of the world, the Dragon Ball world also has a peculiar view on mortality. ("Figure 3") In all cases, all lifeforms in the Living World become souls when they die, and then go to King Enma's Mansion in the Enma Realm. Afterward, every soul is determined by King Enma's judgment to go either to Heaven or to Hell. From this principle, it is known that lifeforms are composed of physical bodies and souls. Normal dead people can only enter the Enma Realm in the form of souls. However, there are exceptions. Through the judgment of each planet's Kami, in rare cases, there are some who visit the Enma Realm while possessing physical bodies. In most of those cases, training under Kaiou is their goal. SON Gokuu is an example of this.
Also, there is the anomaly wherein the souls of those killed by the Mazoku led by Piccolo Daimaou cannot go to the Enma Realm, so they drift about in space in the Living World forever.
Dispatchment from the World Beyond
The World After Death


The World of Dragon Ball (Society)


Social Form

This is Dragon Ball, where eyes tend to be fixed solely on the intense battles of Gokuu and his friends, but in the every day world, which one could say is the other side of this setting, many people live, and they build nations and form their own societies. And, protecting the established laws, they live their lives abiding by the goverment's administration. Of course, it's not just Earth; it is something that can be said about the entire universe. Here, we will pick up the three of Earth, Planet Vegeta, and Planet Namekku, and we shall think about the formation of the nations in Dragon Ball and the social systems.

The entire land of Earth is governed as one federation. A "federation" refers to a regime that is managed under a unified goverment when two or more countries unite, with each having an equal relationship. Ordinarily, there are many cases of small countries getting together and forming one in order to oppose the large countries, but on Dragon Ball's Earth, all the countries of the world have gotten together to form one nation. Certainly, it can be called the "Earth Nation;" it could probably be called an ideal environment where it is difficult for international conflict or wars to break out.
The "Earth Union" is made up of 43 countries. After the union's formation, it became a single federation region. How did 43 scattered countries come together as one nation? Usually, a federation is created when countries that have a common goal get together. The necessity of becoming the "Earth Nation," in which the 43 countries came together, must have been common sense in each country over the issue of defense from other, extraterrestrial lifeforms. In order to counter invasions of creatures from alien contact, or the "Demon Realm" on the other side of the world, it appears that there was a need to go beyond the framework of "country" and be unified under the flag of "Earth Nation."
In this federation, what holds full authority is the national king who resides in King Castle. Whether the national king is chosen by election or by heredity is unknown, but in Volume 1, Chapter 1, according to Blooma's words, the national king of 100 years ago became king through the Dragon Balls' power.
It is a monarchy where the king holds priveleges, but his policies are generally democratic, and administration is left to each region's self-government. To put it another way, the national king's interests are weak against the regional administration. Like in "Figure 1," the political and economical functions are concentrated in big cities like the Western Capital, or the royal city, the Central Capital, and thus does not extend into the rural areas. Because of this, the economic differences between the urban and rural areas is extremely large, so there are big cities lined with high-rise buildings, while at the same time, there are regions that are wrought with drought, like Namu's village, and lack water for everyday use. Also, the lag in the education and welfare facilities can be noted. There are many regions where hospitals and schools do not even exist. However, correspondence education is developing, and if they attends lectures, there is no need for children to commute.
As little as the central eye reaches the rural areas, it cannot be said that the nationwide public order is always positive. In places far from urban areas, criminal factions like King Pilaf or the Red Ribbon Army frequently appear. In the government, there is the Royal Defense Forces, which is the national army that the national king holds complete authority over, but, regrettably, they are weak, and their effectiveness in countering criminals is in doubt.
Planet Vegeta
The Saiyans, who drifted through space, captured Planet Plant where the Tsfruians lived, changing the name to Planet Vegeta and making it their home planet. When they did this, they established a total monarchy state with a single king at the top. The throne was a hereditary system, where generations of kings inherited the name of "King Vegeta." Since then, Planet Vegeta built up a feudal society where the king, and the prince who would be the next king, held absolute authority over the citizens.
For the Saiyans, a fighting race, all citizens are drafted as soldiers, and the king holds sovereignty over the citizens who are soldiers. Value as a citizen is placed by one's Battle Power, and rank is decided by merit, like "Elite Warrior" and "Low-Class Warrior." The nation itself was a societal composition like that of a military organization. This military power was not a mere national defense power, and under their contract with Freeza's Army, they assumed a mercenary role.
Planet Namekku
All Namekkians are the children of the Grand Elder who stands above them. The Grand Elder is not a political leader; he is a parent to all Namekkians. Planet Namekku can be called a giant consanguineous society. Including the Grand Elder, the seven elders govern their respective villages. The Grand Elder leaves administration to each elder, making it a complete regional authority system.
Basically, Earth has no diplomatic relations with other planets. Because rockets that can fly through space or spaceships have genuinely not come into practical use, visits to planets with alien life are scarce.
Similarly, after Planet Namekku was nearly wiped out by a weather anomaly, they lost the technology to fly through space, and they themselves had no intermingling with other planets. However, when we consider the fact that Nappa and Vegeta knew of the existence of Namekkians, it appears there was intermingling and contact from the perspective of other aliens.
The flashiest intermingling developed was that of the Saiyans. The Saiyans made invading other planets and then selling those planet off to other planets their main enterprise. Because of this, they made alliances with other planets that had potential to be powerful partners, and their influence expanded.
Figure 2


The World of Dragon Ball (Culture)


Cultural Form

Like the countless planets that exist in the universe, as well as the Heavenly Realm and the Devil Realm, numerous countries and worlds have appeared in Dragon Ball. The people who live there have each built up their own peculiar cultures. The Namekkians, who are a farming race, the Saiyans, who can be called a hunting race, and the Earthlings who fall in between those. In a way, you can say Dragon Ball is a drama about the struggles of races whose cultures differ. Contributing to the character individuality construction, we shall cover the differences in race and culture here.

On Earth, where multiple ethnicities and multiple races coexist, the differences in industry and culture by region are remarkable. In big cities, urban development is achieved with a foundation of heavy chemical industry, and advanced technology like air cars and antigravity planes is deeply embedded in people's lives, but in the rural areas, a farming life of field cultivation or grazing and dairy farming has been led just as it was in the past.
In this respect, you could probably say the cultural form, in which the secondary and tertiary industries, which are for making people's livelihoods plentiful, are balanced and coexist well because of the primary industry, which is for food supplies.
Earth's culture has high level technological power, but the "Capsule Revolution" is primarily given as the cause for technology developing so explosively. "Hoi Poi Capsules," invented by the corporation Capsule Corporation's company president, Dr. Brief, are a technology that stores all objects in small capsules that fit in the palm of your hand. Hoi Poi Capsules, which have drastically advanced portability and mobility, have rapidly made people's lives luxurious, and have opened up the possibilities of future technology.
Human intelligence has similarly made possible the practical use of antigravity engines and genetic engineering. But on the other hand, while people lead more luxurious lives, the bloating of the defense industry is a problem. With mass transportation of weapons via Hoi Poi Capsules, and the development of Cyborgs for fighting through genetic manipulation, criminals like the Red Ribbon Army who abuse these things are increasing.
As described, the technological division of Earth is experiencing rapid growth, but at the same time, the existence of supernatural things like magic and witchcraft has been observed by some; Earth's culture has been built in the shape of the coexistence and coprosperity of both sides.
Planet Vegeta
The Saiyans, who originally had only a savage and primitive culture, absorbed other planets' cultures by invading them, and then expanded. Scouters, a technology they stole from the Tsfruians, are an example of this. The Saiyans, a fighting race, had no experience with farming culture; they are a total hunting race, stealing what they needed from enemies to the very end. Their science is more advanced than Earth's, but it is not the Saiyans' own. Stealing everything from other races, they are a pillaging culture who extracts only what they need.
The fact that only technology necessary for battle was improved can be cited as a trait of Saiyan cultural development. The battle suits they always wear and the medical machines for physical recovery are examples.
Planet Namekku
Namekkians are a typical farming race. After the planet's downfall due to a weather anomaly, the Namekkians, who possess special abilities such as regeneration, merging, and healing, abandoned their technology that gave birth to miracles through mechanical powers. Because they are able to live on just water and have no need for food reserves, they lead a calm farming life raising Ajissa trees.
Even on the Earth in Dragon Ball, Christian and Buddhist religions seem to exist as subjects of people's beliefs. However, they have no knowledge at all of the real Kami's existence. Kami does not meet with humans directly (Gokuu and the others are exceptions). He watches over the Earth from atop the Temple. The one who conveys Kami's intentions to humans and gives them support is Karin who lives in Karin Tower.
In the case of Saiyans, it is Super Saiyan that is in a god-like position. Super Saiyans were mythical beings for the Saiyans.
For Namekkians, Kami is the one who created them. All faith is directed toward the Grand Elder, who produced Porunga, the god of dreams. However, that is not the kind of thing you would call belief in a deity; it is closer to honor and affection for a parent.
On Earth, accompanying the growth of mass media, video movies and games using television screens are generally popular. As for sports, moreso than ball or field games, hand-to-hand fighting is prominent, and worldwide tournaments like the Tenkaichi Budoukai are held.
Recreation for the Saiyans is battle. For them, a fighting race, to fight is happiness. In this respect, you could say that planetary invasion serves as both a hobby and a means of profit.
Regarding spoken language, the official language used by the entire universe, including Earth, and Namekkian, the language used by Namekkians, have been confirmed. However, due to the fact that there was a declaration stating, "The Brenchian Genius, Thousa, is proficient in 7,000 cosmic languages," we can estimate that there are at least 7,000 languages in the universe.


The World of Dragon Ball (Races)


Historical Relationship of Three Races

The Dragon Ball world, where numerous planetary races appear. But in reality, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a story of the interactions of three types of planetary races. The Saiyans, a fighting race born to battle, the Earthlings, who are a mixture of various races, and the occult Namekkians... The encounters of each of these three distinct races form Dragon Ball's story. Let us proceed with the historic interracial interactions and a biological racial analysis of these three races.

Various Races
In the Dragon Ball world, as described below, a great variety of races exists. Dragon Ball's three great races: Earthlings, Saiyans, and Namekkians. Races that have special abilities: Yardratans, Metamorians. The Triopses, said to be Tenshinhan's ancestors. Nikochanians and Okakaumen who live in Penguin Village. Additionally, in the animation, Tsfruians, Brenchians, Bepperians, Zaltans, Makyouans, Littians, Shirtans, Tubbans, Kanassans, Meatians, Kuunians, Awterians, Aarians, Conuttans, Shamoans, Beansians, Ikondans, the Hella Clan, etc; an extremely large amount of cosmic races who differ in shape appear. We would like you to refer to "Figure 1" for the historical relationships of the Earthlings, Saiyans, and Namekkians.
Earthlings were a race that had absolutely no formal intermingling with other planets. But Namekkians, Saiyans, and Triclopses and such drifted to Earth; races that live as Earthlings like that appear to be scarce. There is also the fact that Saiyans who made Earth their home have offspring with Earthlings. There appears to be a portion of Earthlings who have nothing against accepting other races. And that is no surprise, because Earthlings were originally composed of three types of people that looked nothing alike. Human types, animal types, and monster types are the three. Even among the people of each type, there are many who differ in appearance even more. Because of this, there appears to be a moral in place wherein you do not discriminate against people by form.
The percentages of these three types is in "Figure 2." The human types, who are the greatest in number, exist in various kinds of skin color, hair color, eye color, etc. Also, it is known that human types and Saiyans are able to produce offspring. The next highest in number are the animal types. Animal types consist of various kinds of Earthlings that look nothing alike. This also applies to monster types. It can be presumed that because both animal types and monster types have difficulty producing offspring with those of a different variety from themselves, their populations are gradually decreasing.
Namekkians, including Piccolo, are a race with an extremely powerful life force in comparison to Earthlings. First, there is their ability to produce eggs. In Planet Namekku's society, where nothing like gender exists, anyone born as dragon tribe is able to produce offspring alone. The ones charged with the objective of protecting the dragon tribe, who are able to increase the amount of offspring, are the warrior type Namekkians. We would like for you to refer to "Figure 3" for the dragon tribe and warrior type population percentages. The delicate balance of these two types may be the primary cause for the Namekkians' successful reconstruction when they were on the verge of annihilation.
Examples of other characteristic skills include a recovery ability capable of healing considerable wounds on the spot, linguistic skills acquired at birth, and flight capabilities. These are factors in Namekkians being a "strong" race.
The greatest characteristic of Saiyans, a fighting race, is the fact that they are a complete homogenous race. There are no types of Saiyans like those of Namekkians and Earthlings. Because Saiyans never stop fighting even amongst themselves, the race currently known as Saiyans may be a species that won and survived a historic battle.
It can be said that, visually, their characteristic tails also express a Saiyan racial trait. Like a third hand, it has proven to be quite useful during battle. Furthermore, the tail also has the important role of being a receptor for Bruits Waves. The fact that all of them are capable of getting a power up during a full moon that increases their Battle Power ten-fold can only be considered an ability for the purpose of attacking other races.
But at the same time, the tail is also the Saiyans' weak point. This could perhaps be assumed to be for conventional fighting, which many animals have as instinct. In other words, in situations where Saiyans engage in battle with each other, as a species, the principle is that merit is decided by how few injuries one gets.
And becoming a Super Saiyan can be presumed to be a hidden ability for the preservation of the species. It is reasonable to think that Super Saiyans being frequent in second generation children with Earthlings is also for the continuance of the species.
With their naturally sturdy build, length of adolescence, and so on, it can be said that the Saiyans really are a species that advances for fighting and invasion.
Types of Earthlings
Types of Namekkians
Differences Between Pure Saiyans and Human Type Earthlings


Dragon Ball World-View Terminology Explanations

Completely comprehensing the basic terminology needed to understand the world of Dragon Ball.

[Par.] refers to particulars and supplemental items; [A.] refers to the peculiar items in the anime; Inside ( ) are the published pages in each Daizenshuu; ☆ are anime-original items.

[あ A]

Being that lives in Hell. But it is not a general term for lifeforms in Hell; it appears to refer to one race among those. Akkuman, who fought Gokuu in Devil's Toilet in Volume 9, is of the Devil race.
[Par.] It is similar to "Mazoku" in a linguistic sense, but they are a completely different species.
Devil Realm
Means the "Demon Realm." A world on the other side of the obverse world. Also called the "Dark Demon Realm." Refer to "Demon Realm" for details.
The World Beyond
A spiritual world where souls that have lost their physical bodies exist. It is the so-called world after death, as well as a world where the Kami who govern the entire universe reside. Also called the "Heavenly Realm." It is divided into the four smaller worlds of the Enma Realm, the Kaiou Realm, the Kaioushin Realm, and Hell, and each realm is governed by King Enma, the Kaiou, and the Kaioushin. The manager for Hell is King Enma.
[Par.] All lifeforms are sent to the Enma Realm as souls when they die. There, their conduct while alive is judged by King Enma, and their afterlife destination, either going to Heaven, or going to Hell, is decided. Postmortem souls have the same form they had during life, but the dead have rings on top of their heads like angels. Because of this, you can distinguish residents of the World Beyond. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 72)
Dark Demon Realm
Means the "Demon Realm." A world on the other side of the obverse world. Also called the "Devil Realm." Refer to "Demon Realm" for details.
Anomalous Space ☆
Where the Anoyoichi Budoukai is held. In Dai Kaiou's Palace, when you open the room's door, a vast anomalous space is spread throughout.
The Universe
The endless, expansive space wrapped around every celestial body that exists in the Living World. Along with the "Demon Realm," it is a single, large world in the Living World. In the world of Dragon Ball, the universe is located beneath the World Beyond, and it is hermetically sealed by a barrier that is engraved with a strange design. Within the universe, there are "nebulae" composed of innumerable stars, and there are "galaxies" composed of innumerable nebulae. There is a ruling Kami for each galaxy. Earth resides in the Solar System, a galactic nebula on the outskirts of the North Galaxy.
[Par.] A "Cosmic Police Organization" exists in the universe. However, they lack the fighting ability to oppose Freeza and the Saiyans. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 72)
Space Current ☆
Gohan and the others' spaceship encountered it en route to Planet Namekku and was dragged into it. It flows around the circumference of the fake Planet Namekku.
Urameshiya ☆
A cafe in the World Beyond that Uranai Baba uses. A grand shop where all the customers and employees are spirits or ghosts.
Eternal Youth
The ultimate wish that villains who are after the Dragon Balls try to have granted. In order to become Earth's permanent ruler, Piccolo Daimaou wished for eternal youth. Freeza and Vegeta also had similar wishes. Freeza, to rule the universe forever, and Vegeta, to keep fighting forever, desired "eternal life" and searched for the Dragon Balls, but those aspirations did not come to fruition.
Eternal Model Type
One energy system that the Cyborgs run on. They produce energy internally, and are able to remain mobile permanently. Compared to another system, "Energy Absorption Model," their power is larger. It is employed by Cyborgs #13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18.
Unified dating system used on Earth. "Age 764" is the way it is phrased.
[Par.] There are also regions that use the Christian calendar.
Means ki. The comprehensive power a person has; energy. Kaioushin referred to ki this way. Refer to "Ki" for details.
Energy Absorption Model
One energy system that the Cyborgs run on. With the suction devices on their bodies, they absorb energy from other beings and use it to power themselves. Compared to Eternal Models, their power is inferior, but there is an advantage in sharply decreasing the life force of the absorption target. #19 and #20 are of this type.
Means each region of the universe, which is divided into East, West, South, North. It is expressed as the "East Area" and the "West Area." The areas divided into East, West, South, North are governed by respective Kaiou.
[Par.] Like the universe, the Demon Realm is also divided into multiple areas.
Enseiju ☆
A giant tree that grows in Hell. Only King Enma is allowed to eat its fruit.
Enma Realm
The world around King Enma's palace. Heaven-bound or Hell-bound, a temporary waiting area for yet to be determined souls. Its exact dimensions are unknown. After one waits their turn, they meet King Enma, and are handed their destination ruling. Facilities such as the Spirit Laundering Device, King Enma's Palace, Cafe Urameshiya, the World Beyond Airport, and the Snake Road Starting Point are located here. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 73)
Royal Defense Forces
National defense force where the king of the world holds supreme authority. It is a large scale military armed with modern weapons, primarily bearing the role of defending the Central Capital, where King Castle is. When Piccolo Daimaou and Cell appeared, they were completely useless and instantly wiped out.
A worldwide sports festival occuring once every four years. Even in the Dragon Ball world, the record for the 100 meter dash appears to be about 9-10 seconds.

[か Ka]

Kaiou Realm
The world where Kaiou are. It exists in the World Beyond. The four Kaiou here rule over the East, West, South, and North [sections] of the universe. The Kaiou that frequently appears in the original work is the Kaiou in charge of the North Area. North Kaiou's residence is the tiny Planet Kaiou that floats in mid-air above hot clouds. The Kaiou Realm's extent is unknown, but in the vast scope of the World Beyond, three other Planet Kaiou float just like the North Planet Kaiou does. Heaven and Planet Dai Kaiou are also contained in the Kaiou Realm.
Kaioushin Realm
The world where the Kaioushin, the highest ranking beings among the Kaiou, live. Its scope is about one-tenth of the combined space of the World Beyond and the Living World. Endlessly revolving around the circumference of the World Beyond and the Living World, they watch over the entire world and take balance. Planet Kaioushin makes up the center of the Kaioushin Realm. Planet Kaioushin is a solitary planet in the Kaiou Realm, and around it, there are numerous tiny suns. The only people in the Kaioushin Realm are Kaioushin, and Kibito, who acts as support.
[Par.] All lifeforms, other than Kaioushin, and all souls, cannot enter the Kaioushin Realm. The only ways to visit the Kaioushin Realm are by borrowing Kibito's power, or by coming via Shunkan Idou. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 73)
World Where Past, Present, and Future Meet ☆
A room within Karin Tower. If one enters, they are able to embark on a time journey via their mind. Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and the others, during the training in preparation for the battle against the Saiyans, fought Saiyan warriors in a world of the past and realized their own inexperience.
Gokuu said this in reference to Piccolo after he joined with Kami. For forms where two become one through Fusion, a name that combines the two original names is generally applied. Thus, Gokuu named him that.
[Par.] Piccolo rejected this term.
Structure of Kami-sama's Temple ☆
There is a room where you can freely travel to various places throughout the world. Gokuu used this room during his training as a child and went to Mount Gorogoro. There is also a room that seems to allow one to control time, called the "Room of Time."
Kamesen Style
A martial arts school put into practice by Kamesennin. The goals are getting into shape through martial arts, and living a fun life. Gokuu, Kuririn, and the others are representatives.
Altered Hell ☆
Due to the effects of Janenba's arrival, Hell was transfigured into a bizarre world where bean-shaped objects floated about. The blood pond, needle mountain, and such also changed shape.
[Par.] Gokuu and Vegeta used Fusion and became Gogeta. (Daizenshuu 6, Page 142)

The comprehensive power an individual has, like Battle Power, life force, and the like. Used primarily with a nuance that indicates Battle Power, you could say that the higher a person's ki is, the stronger they are. A boosted ki emanates from the body like an aura. It cannot be seen by eyes, but proficient warriors are able feel it.


Collision With Giant Meteorite
Event that was the cause of Planet Vegeta being destroyed and all the Saiyans going extinct. In truth, it was a false rumor spread by Freeza so that the three Saiyans who were left alive for their battle potential, Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz, would not hold unnecessary animosity.
An energy unit used by Bobbidi. When Bobbidi measured Gokuu's energy during his fight with Yakon, this unit was used.
[Par.] Gokuu's energy level is over 3,000 kili. At approximately 200-300 kili, one can destroy 1 or 2 planets.
A gathering of local planets in the universe. Planets gather and form a nebula, and beyond that, a collection of gathered nebulae is called a galaxy. The four Kaiou who rule over the east, west, south, and north [sections] of the universe actually govern these galaxies. Because the Kami in the Heavenly Realm and the Kaiou supervise the galaxies that exist infinitely in all the universe, the sections known as the East, West, South, and North Galaxies are denominations that came into use through their duty.
A political system where a single king (monarch), standing at the top of a nation, holds authority over the entire government. Planet Vegeta is an absolute monarchy state where King Vegeta has absolute power, and the citizens are forced into complete obedience by his command.
Prehistoric Saiyan ☆
Ancestors of modern Saiyans, such as Gokuu and Vegeta. Lacking a developed civilization and clad in animal hides, they lived rough and primeval lives. Their personalities were generally ferocious and savage. They, who drifted through space, occupied Planet Plant, where the Tsfruians lived, and settled there as their home planet. They usurped the Tsfruians' advanced scientific abilities, and afterward achieved an astonishing growth as a race. (Daizenshuu 3, Page 122)
The Living World
A general term for the world that combines the entire universe and the Demon Realm. In Dragon Ball's world-view, there is the airtight universe, and there is the Demon Realm that takes the appearance of the reverse side of that. In contrast to 'The World Beyond' where everyone that dies resides, it is basically the world where those with lives reside. The lifeforms who live in the Living World are souls from the World Beyond that have reincarnated. Also called the present world.
[Par.] Due to the fact that if one dies, they can be revived into the present world via Shenlong's power, the boundary line between the two worlds was extremely delicate. Also, even if one goes to the World Beyond, they can be revived in the Living World for just one day if they borrow Uranai Baba's power. Ultimately, after Gokuu died twice, he inherited the Old Kaioushin's life and was revived in the Living World. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 72)

[さ Sa]

Means a part of a damaged physical body being restored. Growing back a severed arm and the like, Piccolo and Cell have this ability.
A basic unit that composes the bodies of lifeforms. All lifeforms consist of combined cells. By working with cell recombination, Dr. Gero created Cell.
[Par.] The English "CELL" has the meaning of saibou.
A race that has Planet Vegeta as a mother planet. As a prominent fighting race throughout the universe, they have a belligerent disposition. Their outer appearance is not much different from Earthlings, but the long tails they have are characteristic. When they absorb sunlight containing 17,000,000 zeno of Bruits Waves, their tail responds and they transform into a Great Monkey. Because they were massacred by Freeza, the remaining number [of them] is extremely small; by crossbreeding with Earthlings, a few descendants remain. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 40)
① Dragon personification that appears on Earth. When the seven Dragon Balls are gathered, he appears. He was created by Earth's Kami, who is of Planet Namekku's Dragon Tribe. When a wish is asked of him, he makes all of the wisher's desires come true within the extent of Kami's power. For the initial Shenlong, the number of executable wishes was only one, but the Shenlong created by Dende is able to do up to three. ② A general term for "Porunga," the Shenlong on Planet Namekku, and Earth's "Shenlong." (Daizenshuu 4, Page 32)
A world in the World Beyond where bad people are sent after they die. Hell is inside the World Beyond, and is separated from the above world by strange clouds. Beings coming from above can pass through, but beings coming from below may not pass. Because of this, criminals cannot fly up and escape. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 72)
Block 1 of Hell ☆
Address of the spot Gokuu fell to from the Snake Road. There are boulders shaped like piles of stones, and trees (? (sic)) with leaf-less branches spiring and such. Here, he met Gozu and Mezu, oni that are guardians of Hell.
[Par.] The Enseiju is at Block 1, Lot 3. (Daizenshuu 3, Page 162)
Divine Realm ☆
An anomalous space spread throughout one room inside of Kami's temple. There are graves of Kami of past generations, and spirits of previous Kami drift about. It is a sacred place, and thus, it is also a dangerous space where, if one carelessly treads foot in there, they will feel the wrath of Kami and be haunted to death. (Daizenshuu 5, Page 42)
Human-style battle weapons that Dr. Gero created in affiliation with the Red Ribbon Army. There are mecha-types, made of mostly machine (#16), bio-types, with humans as the base (#17, #18, etc), artificial lifeforms, created through gene and cell recombination (Cell), and so on.
[Par.] Dr. Gero created 21 Cyborgs.
[A.] #13, #14, #15 appeared in the theatrical version. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 159)
Super Saiyan
A Saiyan that has surpassed the Saiyan battle level. Overcoming a wall that most genius warriors do not, it means a Saiyan that transcends the Battle Power of the entire race. A legend about them only appearing once every thousand years permeated among the Saiyans. The way to awaken is by having a calm heart while being shaken by a fierce anger. They realize a powerful power up, but in compensation for it, they lose reason; they live only because of the instinct to battle. For that reason, they are called the blood- and battle-loving strongest warriors in all the universe. However, if their body is accustomed to it, it seems they can maintain their reason.
[Par.] Through training, Gokuu became able to transform further to Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3. (Daizenshuu 2, Page 111)
The Room of Spirit and Time's Shower Room ☆
Destroyed during the battle between Gotenks and Boo. Piccolo, who was dragged into the battle, ended up showering with his mantle on...
[Par.] It appears to be the same bathroom Gokuu and Gohan were in during their training for the battle against Cell.
Biological Extract
Extract from human bodies. Cell needed it to power up. Also called biological energy.
[Par.] Cell pierces his target with his tail needle, and absorbs biological extract from there. The targets who have their biological extract stolen completely fall apart and die.
Life Reading
A synonym for ki or Battle Power. In the original work, because it was used when Freeza, having beaten up Nail, went to Kuririn and Gohan afterward, and when the soldiers on Planet Freeza went to greet the faint of breath Vegeta, it appears to be an expression among Freeza's gang.
Christian Calendar
A dating system used in some regions, such as Penguin Village. Generally, "Age" is used as the universal dating system.
Hereditary System
Means a system where rank and status are automatically passed down from parent to child, regardless of ability. The throne on Planet Vegeta was hereditary.
Common currency used on Earth. A few [places] also use dollars.
[Par.] One house is about 500,000 Zenii.
A unit expressing the amount of Bruits Waves contained in the sunlight that is reflected by a moon. It is a unit used among the Saiyans.
Warrior Type
A race among Namekkians. Among the powerless Namekkians, they specialize in having Battle Power, and act as guardians to the Dragon Tribe (primarily the Grand Elder). However, the birth rate is extremely low; when Gokuu went to Planet Namekku, only Nail existed.
Battle Power
Power when one battles that is hidden in their body. With a Scouter, one can see its numeric value. It can be said that the higher the numeric value is, the stronger a warrior is; it serves as a basic measure during battle with an opponent. Warriors on Earth infer their opponents' Battle Powers without use of Scouters, and they are also able to control their own Battle Power.
[Par.] The Battle Power held by a typical Earth peasant is 5. Gokuu's Battle Power in Super Saiyan state is over 150,000,000.


The World of Dragon Ball (Terminology Explanations)

[た Ta]

Titans ☆
The name of a baseball team that Yamcha, while training in preparation for the Saiyan invasion, had as a job. (Daizenshuu 3, Page 162)
Earth is divided into 43 administrative sectors. Means one of those sectors. Also, the four areas of east, west, south, and north that the universe is divided into could each similarly be called districts. In other words, it means a sector split for convenience in administrative action.
Blood Pond Hell ☆
A place that Gokuu was locked away in during the battle against Janenba. With globs of semi-transparent red liquid, it was cone-shaped.
[Par.] The Blood Pond Hell is rendered by a special technique called "Slit Scan" used by the computer.
Tsfruian ☆
Planet Vegeta's previously occupant race. They are the native people from the time that Planet Vegeta was called Planet Plant. Their height was small such that it was about half that of the average Saiyan, but they had high level scientific capabilities and a developed civilization. However, they were attacked by the Saiyans who drifted through space and wiped out. Their technology was also pirated by the Saiyans.
[Par.] Scouters are also a product of Tsfruian science. (Daizenshuu 3, Page 122)
Tsurusen Style
Martial arts system that Tsurusennin, who is a fellow pupil with Kamesennin, teaches. It is lectured that winning a battle is everything, no matter how dirty the method used.
Heavenly Realm
Means "The World Beyond." A general term for the world after death and the world of the Kami who watch over the entire world. Refer to "The World Beyond" for details.
Tenkaichi Budoukai
A traditional worldwide martial arts tournament spanning over 100 years. A tournament where martial artists who take pride in their skill from all over the country gather to contend for [the title of] the world's greatest. Until the 21st tournament, it was held once every five years, but in accordance with the increase in participants, it was held once every 3 years starting from the 22nd. Also, starting with the 25th, a children's division was independent. But starting with the 28th, the separation by age was abolished. The exhibition location is Papaya Island's martial arts temple, and the exhibition date is May 7th of that year.
[Par.] Important winners are Jackie Chun, SON Gokuu, Tenshinhan, Mister Satan, and so on. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 118)
A world where dead who are judged as good people by King Enma reside. It is below Planet Dai Kaiou, in the skies above King Enma's mansion. An extravagant passenger plane departing from King Enma's mansion takes [people] there. Gokuu did his special training for the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai here. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 73)
Room of Time ☆
A room in Kami's temple. Here, time periods of the past, present, and future are made. Gokuu used this room as a child and time traveled back 50 years, where he met a young Kamesennin and Tsurusennin. Also, he received training from their master, Mutaito.
Special Lifeform
Means Cyborg #17 and #18. Meaning the necessary lifeforms for Cell to reach his perfect form, Cell himself called #17 and #18 this.
[Par.] The computer that created Cell acknowledged #17 and #18 as essential special lifeforms to make Cell evolve.
A currency used on parts of Earth. Generally, Zenii is widely used. Refer to "Zenii" for details.

[な Na]

A word cried out when Namu, who was facing Gokuu at the Tenkaichi Budoukai, used Tenkuu Pekejiken. Originally, it was a word for devoting everything to Amidabutsu and seeking salvation. Due to the fact that this word exists, it is understood that Buddhist beliefs exist in the Dragon Ball world.
Namekkian Language
Mother tongue of the Namekkians. It uses a hieroglyphic writing style that combines symbols. However, Namekkians do not use the Namekkian language routinely. The Namekkian language is used at times such as speaking to Porunga, who is Planet Namekku's Shenlong. This is because Porunga will only accept wishes through the Namekkian language.
[Par.] Namekkians are also able to speak the Earth language. (Daizenshuu 7, Page 41)
Aliens who live on Planet Namekku. Among Namekkians, there are two species that differ completely known as Dragon Tribe and Warrior Type. Dragon Tribe makes up most of the Namekkians, and they have healing abilities and the ability to produce Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, Warrior Types are a minority, and they have a high Battle Power to protect the race. Namekkians are born from eggs to breed. The one who carries out the duty of producing eggs is the Grand Elder; the currently existing Namekkians are all children born by the Grand Elder. Also, Namekkians have no need to take in food; they have a characteristic wherein they are able to live by only absorbing water.
[Par.] Like Piccolo Daimaou, there are also some who are tainted by an evil mind and turn into Mazoku. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 46)

[は Ha]

Stupid World Champion
At the Cell Game, a word muttered by an annoyed Vegeta about Satan, who did not realize the hopeless difference between his own strength and Cell's. As a word about the cool Vegeta going beyond getting angry and being dumbfounded, it is an impressive expression.
Hakke Furnace ☆
It is a huge furnace at the summit of Mount Gogyou, and the manager is Taijourou-kun, also known as Annin. The steam of the pot covering the Hakke Furnace serves as a gateway linking the Living World to the World Beyond. In order to put out the fire in Gyuumaou's castle, Gokuu and Chichi visited the Hakke Furnace together. The Bashousen is a fan made for stirring up the fire of the Hakke Furnace.
[Par.] After the old man SON Gohan died, he got a job as security for the Hakke Furnace. (Daizenshuu 3, Page 118)
Battle Royal
A match format where all contestants are together to fight. At the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, after Gohan and the others left, Mister Satan proposed a battle royal with the remaining five contestants. Eventually, Satan, who had accepted #18's deal, won. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 123)
Needle Mountain Hell ☆
A place where Gokuu and Vegeta hid while they were being chased by Janenba in Hell. It seems to be made of piles of iron balls with needles. It was destroyed by Janenba's attack.
[Par.] Vegeta decided to use Fusion with Gokuu here.
Fuel that aircars run on. As for energies on Earth other than that, there is gasoline for automobiles, and rikinium for spaceships.
Bruits Wave
Energy containing sunlight. When solar light is reflected by a moon, Bruits Waves are generated. The strength of Bruits Waves are measured by a unit called "zeno;" when a Saiyan is showered in high zeno Bruits Waves, a change in his body is induced. The moons in the universe all generate more than 17,000,000 zeno of Bruits Waves during a full moon. When a Saiyan absorbs more than 17,000,000 zeno of Bruits Waves, he transforms into a Great Monkey.
Proud World Champion
A word Piccolo said about Mister Satan when he chose to befriend Majin Boo.
Dragon personification that appears on Planet Namekku. He is the original Namekku version of Earth's Shenlong. Like Shenlong, he appears when the seven Dragon Balls are gathered. His differences from Shenlong are his body shape and size. Porunga is about five times the size of Shenlong. And he even grants three wishes, in contrast to Shenlong's just one. However, he only accepts wishes in the Namekkian language. The Grand Elder created Porunga, which has the meaning of "God of Dreams" in Namekkian, for the desires of the Namekkians. Because of this, when the Grand Elder dies, he will die out with him. After the Grand Elder died of old age, he was revived again when Muuri inherited the position of Grand Elder. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 34)

[ま Ma]

Demon Realm
A world in a dimension on the other side of "the universe," which is the world where people exist. It differs from "Hell;" it is a world confirmed to be in the Living World. However, magic holds greater influence than science. Similar to the obverse universe being split into east, west, south, and north areas, the Demon Realm is also split into multiple space areas. And the absolute king who commands all of this is Daabra.
Demon Realm Gate ☆
A gate between the Living World and the World Beyond. During Gokuu's training for the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, he passed through this gate and faced Shura, who was a martial arts master in the Demon Realm. It stands at the entrace to a cave that leads to the Demon Realm.


The World of Dragon Ball (Terminology Explanations)

Piccolo Daimaou's faction. Piccolo Daimaou, who was born when Kami detached the evil part he had, calls himself "Mazoku," and produces Mazoku eggs to extend his influence. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 46)
[A.] A race with evil minds who are native to "Planet Makyou," which has been drawing near Earth for a period of 5,000 years. When Planet Makyou nears Earth, the Mazoku who migrated to Earth's power goes up tens-fold. One Mazoku, Garlic, wanted the throne of Kami 300 years ago, but his evil mind was too strong, and he was beaten in the dispute for successor. Holding a grudge about that, he commanded a dark army and brought chaos to Kami. But he was sealed away by Kami. 300 years later, his son, Garlic Junior, challenged Earth's Kami to a battle for vengeance. (Daizenshuu 5, Page 38)
Mazoku Style
Earthlings call the style of the techniques used by Piccolo Daimaou and Garlic Junior this.
[Par.] The styles of Kami and the Mazoku are similar.

[や Ya]

Aliens who aided Gokuu while he was on his way back to Earth, having defeated Freeza and escaped Planet Namekku. Possessing many strange abilities, Gokuu learned Shunkan Idou from them.
[Par.] The Ginyuu Special Squad were scheduled to attack Planet Yardrat, but because it was decided they would hurry to Planet Namekku, the plan to invade Yardrat was put on hold. (Daizenshuu 5, Page 49)
It is a synonym for ki or Battle Power. Yajirobee refers to ki this way. Refer to "Ki" for details.

[ら Ra]

Rikinium ☆
A spaceship fuel used on Earth. As for energies on Earth other than that, there is gasoline for automobiles, and pranium for aircars.
The fighting jackets given to Gohan and Kuririn by Vegeta, in preparation for the battle with Freeza, were the short Littians'.
[A.] Small, bird-like aliens that served under Freeza. When Gokuu defeated Freeza and was on his way back to Earth from Planet Namekku, they were destroyed by Vegeta. In the original work, they only appeared in name.
Dragon Tribe
A race among Namekkians. For Namekkians, two races that differ completely known as Dragon Tribe and Warrior Type exist, and the Dragon Tribe makes up the majority of the Namekkians. Compared to Warrior Types, who excel in Battle Power, Dragon Tribe have a strange power to draw out abilities in others. The Grand Elder has the ability to awaken a person's latent power to the fullest; Dende, who became Earth's Kami, has the power to heal the life force of an injured person. Also, Dragon Tribe produce eggs from their mouths and are able to create offspring. However, the current Planet Namekku has become a hereditary system, so only the Grand Elder produces eggs. Those among the Dragon Tribe whose abilities especially excel are able to create Dragon Balls and Shenlong. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 46)
Red Ribbon Army
A giant criminal organization after the Dragon Balls. Boss Red is at the top, below that is Assistant Black, and further below that are several generals that directly command the troops, making up a pyramid-shaped organizational structure. The headquarters is in the side of a deep mountain, and there are branches such as Muscle Tower, which is commanded by General White, who is in charge of the northern side. Endowed with a giant military power, even the goverment forces are unable to lay a hand on them. However, later there was an internal revolt, and Boss Red was assassinated by Assistant Black; Black was also defeated by Gokuu, and the Red Ribbon Army collapsed.
[Par.] Dr. Gero, parent to the Cyborgs, was also on the Red Ribbon Army's roster as a consulting scientist. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 68)
Means a nation made of two or more countries united in an equal relationship with an authority system with a common goal at the center. Earth in the Dragon Ball world is a federation composed of numerous small countries combined. With the Central Capital in place as the capital, the national king who lives in King Castle lays out a centralized authority system where he bears full authority. Refer to the "Society" page for details. (Daizenshuu 7, Page 38)


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