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ドラゴンボール 劇場版 第1作
Dragon Ball Movie 1

ドラゴンボール 神龍の伝説
Dragon Ball: The Legend of Shen Long

Movie Title Screen Movie Still Image
公開日 Original Premiere: 1986/12/20
脚本 Screenplay: 井上敏樹 Toshiki Inoue
監督 Director: 西尾大介 Daisuke Nishio
作画監督 Animation Director: 前田 実 Minoru Maeda
美術監督 Background Art Director: 山本善之 Yoshiyuki Yamamoto
Opening Theme:
Mystical Adventure!
Ending Theme:
I'll Give You Romance


According to legend, if one collects seven spheres called "Dragon Balls," they can then summon the dragon god, Shen Long, to grant them any wish.

A group of men bulldoze a village's flower fields as the villagers silently watch, until one little girl fires a slingshot at one of the workers. Her mother, referring to the girl as Pansie, grabs her as an armed soldier rushes over to them. The soldier attempts to strike Pansie with the back of his gun, but a large man steps in before he can succeed. When the soldier refuses to leave Pansie alone, the large village man takes the weapon away and knocks the soldier down.

The commotion caused by this alerts the soldiers' leader, Vongo, who is even larger. Vongo then confronts the large village man. The man complains to Vongo that even with the king's permission, they have no right to destroy the village's flower fields. But Vongo retorts that Rich Stones are much better than flowers, showing a red jewel picked from the dirt as an example. The villagers disagree and begin telling the soldiers to leave. Vongo says he will leave if he is defeated as he begins pounding on the large village man. The man, who is Pansie's father, soon collapses, and his wife and daughter rush over to him. Vongo then hops into the back of a car with a similarly dressed woman, and their driver departs with them. The villagers complain that King Gourmes is being scammed as Pansie swears revenge.

In a large castle, a grotesque, obese creature is dissatisfied with his meal. He complains that he can only eat food that is more delicious than previous foods he's tried. Vongo and the woman, Pasta, soon enter his dining room, addressing the creature as King Gourmes. Pasta explains that they know the Dragon Balls' locations. Gourmes intends to ask Shen Long for new foods to try, since he has exhausted all other options.

In a mountainous region, a boy with a monkey tail tells "Grandpa" (a tiny orb with four stars) that he's off to find food. After dashing through the woods, he decides he'll have fish and dives into a river. As he swims through the river, a large fish heads his way, and the boy manages to kill it with one hard kick. Elsewhere, a teenage girl rides a motorcycle through the wilderness, but stops when she hears the sounds of a plane. She uses a round device to confirm that something is nearby, and assumes that the plane must be after the same thing.

The plane carries Vongo and Pasta, who note that their target is in a small house -- the monkey tailed boy's house. The boy is on his way home with his large fish. He assumes the plane to be a giant bird, but also notes that it is heading for his home. The teenage girl's motorcyle quickly approaches the boy, and before either can move, they crash into each other. The motorcyle tips over and the boy is sent flying into nearby rocks. The monkey boy is now angry, believing that the motorcyle is a monster. The girl then emerges from the wreckage, and the boy thinks her to be an evil demon that has come out of the monster. He believes they want to steal his fish and prepares to attack with his bou, but the girl uses a pistol to shoot at the boy.

The girl's shots are accurate, but the boy is barely harmed at all by them, and angered by her use of evil magic. The girl is shocked by his survival, so the monkey boy explains to her that he has been well-trained. He then prepares to attack her again, but the girl quickly screams out that she is human, like him. The boy stops and attempts to confirm her claim, but is troubled by the fact that she seems thinner and weaker than himself. This prompts the girl to inform him that women are the fairer sex, after all.

However, the monkey boy is quite shocked to learn that she is female, for he has never seen one in person before. He assumes girls don't have tails, and then rushes off to see the nearby "Grandpa." But what he thinks is grandpa's memento is actually the girl's Dragon Ball, and it only has two stars. Meanwhile, Vongo and Pasta collect the one with four stars, the Si Xing Qiu, at the boy's house. The girl, Blooma, tells the boy, Gokuu, that his grandfather is in danger, so they rush to Gokuu's home with the fish in tow. But in the Dragon Ball's place they find a gold coin bearing the mark of Gourmes. Outside, they hear the plane taking off, and Blooma suggests they chase it. Gokuu complains that he can't fly, but Blooma remedies the situation by opening a case of capsules. She throws one capsule, and in a cloud of smoke, a plane appears. Gokuu is suspicious, but nonetheless, he hops into it with her, and they fly off.

Vongo asks if they'll give this ball to King Gourmes, but Pasta replies that Rich Stones are more valuable. She then sees the other plane approaching them, where Gokuu and Blooma shout that they want the Dragon Ball. Vongo suggests they send a reply, so Pasta uses their plane's gun to begin firing at the other plane. Blooma swerves her plane out of the way and then begins returning fire, destroying the "Dragon Radar" in Pasta and Vongo's ship. Pasta retaliates by using a missile launcher, and successfully shoots a missile that blows up the other plane. But the two have survived the explosion, and Gokuu tosses his bou and lands safely in a river. Blooma, on the other hand, is left hanging from the bou in the side of a cliff, where she relieves herself.

As the sun sets, the two safely drive through a forest in a car, where Blooma thanks Gokuu for saving her. Gokuu then complains of hunger. In another part of the forest, Pansie has lost her way, and soon encounters a giant oni. The oni demands that Pansie marry him, but Pansie fires her slingshot at him and cries for help. The oni is hurt by this and threatens to eat her. Just then, the car with Blooma and Gokuu arrives. Gokuu steps in and challenges the oni. The oni brags about his strength and tells Gokuu to run away, but Gokuu stands his ground.

The oni then transforms into a large, armored robot, equipped with chopsticks and a bowl of soup. He challenges Gokuu again, declaring that he will put Gokuu into this soup and eat him. However, he accidentally sticks his thumb into the soup and burns himself, which he blames Gokuu for. Gokuu begins to think this monster is actually quite weak, which the monster promptly denies. But now he wants to know how strong Gokuu is, and asks him to knock down a large tree. Gokuu easily does so with one punch, causing the monster to transform into a bat and fly away. Gokuu rushes after him, while Blooma notices Pansie hiding behind a tree.

Gokuu dashes through the treetops in pursuit of the monster, eventually tossing his bou at him and causing him to transform again. This time, however, he has changed into his true form: a small, anthropomorphic pig. But the pig, Oolong, realizes they have entered a very dangerous area, which is filled with large stone structures. From atop one of the structures, a tall young man with long hair begins firing a gun at Gokuu and Oolong. Oolong exclaims that the young man is Yamcha. A tiny cat confirms this, and introduces himself as Puer as well. Yamcha demands their valuables, in exchange for leaving the forest alive. Oolong complains that Yamcha has turned the forest into a bad place, to which Gokuu says that Oolong isn't much better. Puer explains that Oolong is a pervert who was kicked out of Transformation Kindergarten for taking the teacher's underwear.

Oolong asks Gokuu if he's strong, which Gokuu confirms, so Oolong tells the bad guys that Gokuu can take them. Yamcha begins drawing his sword, while Oolong tells Gokuu to handle them. Gokuu doesn't understand why, however, prompting Oolong to explain that Yamcha plans to kill them. Yamcha begins swiping his sword at Gokuu, but Gokuu dodges him and uses his bou to block the strikes. Gokuu then climbs up one of the stone structures, and Yamcha quickly follows. On a bridge-like structure, Gokuu charges toward Yamcha with his bou, hops into the air, and comes down such that the two weapons clash. They break, and Gokuu then commands his bou, the Nyoibou, to extend until it delivers a hard shot to Yamcha's torso. Puer is concerned as Yamcha's sword falls to the ground below. Angered, Yamcha then uses his Rougafuufuuken to pound on Gokuu, who is getting weak from hunger. This sends Gokuu crashing into a stone wall, and the Nyoibou to the ground below.

However, Gokuu suddenly rises from the rubble and declares that he will use Janken. He punches Yamcha with a Guu, pokes his eyes out with a Choki, and finally smacks him across the bridge with a Paa. Gokuu is now very weak from hunger as Yamcha recovers. But Blooma suddenly arrives in her car, and when Yamcha spots her, he stops dead in his tracks and falls off of the bridge. He tells Puer they should run away, but not before Puer turns into a mirror and shows Yamcha that one of his teeth is now missing. Yamcha curses the damage to his face as the two of them run away. Blooma excitedly asks Gokuu about that great man, while Oolong looks on in confusion.

Night has fallen, and inside of a motor home, Gokuu chomps down on lots of food, while Oolong and Blooma argue. Blooma then asks Pansie what she was doing in the forest late at night. Pansie explains that she is on her way south to see the Almighty Fighting Master, whom Oolong explains is a martial arts master that is also known as the Turtle Hermit. Gokuu now wants to meet this guy. Blooma says they're also heading south, but is hesitant about stopping there.

Pansie begs her, and explains that she wants the Almighty Fighting Master to save her country, which is being ravaged in search of Rich Stones. Blooma knows that Rich Stones are valuable jewels, but Gokuu doesn't understand. Pansie explains that the discovery of Rich Stones eventually turned their king into a gourmet monster, who needs to spend lots of Rich Stones on extravagant foods. Thus, the country was torn apart as his soldiers dug for more Rich Stones. And now they're also looking for the Dragon Balls. Gokuu realizes they were the ones who took Grandpa.

Yamcha and Puer are outside of the motor home listening to this conversation, and overhear enough to decide to steal the Dragon Balls. The next morning, they prepare a vehicle and weapons at their hideout, and Yamcha explains his plan to convince the Turtle Hermit to beat up Gokuu. Yamcha then admits that he wants to use the Dragon Balls to overcome his fear of women. Puer suggests world domination or wealth, but Yamcha says those are easy to obtain, and he really wants to get married. The two of them then depart. Elsewhere, King Gourmes coughs up his Dragon Balls that he had swallowed, and notes that there are only two left.

Later, Gokuu's group reaches a small island by boat. A gaudy old man wearing a Dragon Ball around his neck and a turtle shell on his back steps out of his house to greet them, along with his sea turtle companion. He confirms that he is the Almighty Fight Master, but he believes that Gokuu has come to kill him to make a name for himself. Pansie explains that he is mistaken, and that Gokuu had saved her life. The Turtle Hermit realizes he has been lied to, and peeks behind his home toward Yamcha. Yamcha rushes out and insists that these are bad people that are trying to trick him. Blooma excitedly begins brushing up against Yamcha, which scares him back into hiding. But the Turtle Hermit knows how to discern the real liars. He calls for "Kintoun", and a small cloud then flies over to the group.

The Turtle Hermit explains that this is a cloud you can ride on to fly freely through the air. But one needs a pure heart to be able to ride on Kintoun, which he decides to demonstrate personally. However, he falls straight through the cloud and lands on the ground. Gokuu, on the other hand, has no trouble, landing safely on top of Kintoun. As Gokuu flies around on the cloud, it is now obvious who the liar was, but Yamcha is already escaping across the waves in his vehicle. Blooma then notices the Dragon Ball hanging from the Turtle Hermit's neck. He explains that he found it at the bottom of the ocean a hundred years ago, and Blooma begs him for it. He'll let her have the ball, provided he can poke her breasts. The sea turtle scolds him for such a request, now realizing why the old man can't ride Kintoun. But Blooma reluctantly agrees.

However, Blooma then pulls Oolong aside, and demands that he turn into her and take her place. In exchange, she'll give Oolong her panties, so the pig happily submits. After one failed attempt, Oolong becomes the spitting image of her, and calls the Turtle Hermit over. He's ready for poking, but 'Blooma' insists he try something more, like pafupafu. 'She' drops her top, and the Turtle Hermit's nose explodes. The real Blooma does not care for this portrayal of herself.

Meanwhile, Pasta views the Turtle Hermit's island through a submarine's periscope, and sees that the group has the final two Dragon Balls. She begins firing missiles at them, and completely destroys the old man's home, Kame House. A small machine also steals one Dragon Ball and brings it back to the submarine, where Vongo collects it. They bring the submarine to the surface for their next round of attacks, but the Turtle Hermit readys an attack of his own. He takes off his shirt, revealing his bony body. He begins slowly chanting "Ka...me..." as the Gourmes soldiers prepare more missiles. After a bit of bulking up, the Turtle Hermit turns into a huge mass of muscle, continuing "...ha..." He positions his wrists together, and aims his palms at the submarine while continuing "...me..." Pasta gives the command to fire the missiles, so dozens of them are launched toward the island. The Turtle Hermit finally yells "...ha...!!" A thick beam comes out of his hands and is launched directly toward the incoming missiles, destroying them. The beam continues through the water and blows up the submarine, but not before a small plane escapes.

Gokuu says he wants to learn that cool technique, but the Turtle Hermit tells him it requires 50 years of training to master Kamehameha. Pansie begins begging the Turtle Hermit to save her country, while Gokuu manages to perform a small Kamehameha, wrecking a nearby boulder. Later, the group (minus Gokuu, who rides Kintoun nearby) flies away in a plane, where Pansie is sad that the Turtle Hermit didn't accompany them. He had explained to her that he is now cut off from the rest of the world, but she at least has good friends to help her instead. Blooma attempts to reassure Pansie, but Oolong says that Blooma simply wants to get her own wish granted. Oolong then asks about that wish, so she says a dreamy boyfriend, and it angers Oolong to learn that he's wasted his time for such a thing.

At King Gourmes's castle, Pasta and Vongo inform the king that the final Dragon Ball is on its way to them. The next morning, Blooma's plane begins approaching the castle. At Pasta's command, Gourmes soldiers board attack planes, while Vongo begins riding a small mechanical hover disc. The soldiers' planes then begin firing at them. Gokuu is easily able to dodge their fire on Kintoun and flies close to the castle. But he soon encounters Vongo, flying through the air on the hover disc, and wielding a large staff. He swings the staff at Gokuu, but Gokuu dodges the hits, and then blocks them with the Nyoibou.

Meanwhile, Blooma's plane gets closer to the castle as both planes and stationary gunmen fire at them. Eventually they are hit, and the plane crashes into a tower while Blooma, Oolong, and Pansie fall into a nearby lake. Inside, King Gourmes cringes in pain, growing impatient about the final Dragon Ball. Vongo and Gokuu continue their mid-air clashing of weapons until Vongo grabs Gokuu's head and scrapes it against a castle wall. Vongo swings his staff again, but Gokuu blocks it and jumps away, landing on Kintoun. He and Vongo then fly towards each other until Gokuu ducks and destroys the hover disc. However, Vongo launches part of his staff, still attached by chain, at Gokuu. The chain wraps around Gokuu's neck, and drags him crashing into the castle along with Vongo.

Yamcha suddenly arrives at the castle, dashing across the castle grounds in his vehicle with Puer. When gunfire destroys the vehicle, Yamcha easily survives and begins attacking soldiers with nunchaku. He and Puer soon make it into a room full of Rich Stones, but Yamcha says they have no time for that, despite grabbing a large chunk of Rich Stones anyway. Blooma's group has made it inside as well, where Oolong, in the form of a large monster, scares soldiers into fainting. They soon bump into another large monster, but it is actually Puer doing the same thing as both are scared back to their normal forms. Yamcha nervously greets Blooma, but the meeting is interrupted when Pasta arrives. She fires shots at them, successfully hitting Yamcha in the chest many times, causing him to collapse against a wall.

Pasta demands they hand over the Dragon Ball, but Blooma refuses. Yamcha then recovers and sweep kicks Pasta from her feet. The bullet holes in his shirt begin leaking Rich Stones, explaining his safety. He strikes at Pasta many times, but stops when his hand touches one of her breasts. Her cap flies off to reveal long flowing hair and a dainty face, and Yamcha freezes up from the shock of her feminine appearance. He and Puer begin running away with Blooma's group as Pasta starts to toss explosives at them. The castle begins to crumble from the damage, and Yamcha stops a large chunk of rubble from hitting Blooma. She affectionately thanks him for it, causing Yamcha to shriek with fear.

Vongo shoots the chained staff piece at Gokuu again, but only hits the castle floor. Gokuu runs across the taut chain and delivers many kicks to Vongo, and then extends the Nyoibou until it strikes him. Blooma's group heads into a room, with another explosion pushing them through the doorway. Vongo is also knocked into the same room, where King Gourmes happens to be in agony over his hunger problems. Gourmes suddenly grows larger and more monstrous, ripping out of his own clothes as everyone watches on. He steps on Vongo and begins knocking things over in his rampage.

Gokuu attempts to attack Gourmes, but is punched straight into the floor. Gokuu quickly recovers and holds off Gourmes's large fist with his hands as he remembers the destruction of the submarine. He prepares a Kamehameha as Blooma suddenly realizes that the Dragon Balls are in Gourmes's stomach. The Kamehameha hits Gourmes directly and has little effect, but Blooma decides to throw her Dragon Ball into Gourmes's mouth and call out the dragon. His stomach begins to glow, and a beam of light rises through the ceiling into the sky. The castle is wrecked in the process, and everyone is knocked to the ground outside.

The beam of light has become Shen Long, who wants to know their wish. Pansie begins to look at the damage to her homeland as Shen Long grows impatient. Blooma and Yamcha each begin to speak their respective wishes, but Pansie beats them to it by wishing that Rich Stones go away and her country be restored. Rich Stones begin rising from the ground and into the air, much to Pasta's dismay, as the ravaged land begins to turn green and healthy again. Shen Long then bids farewell and disappears, and the Dragon Balls disperse in seven different directions. Blooma and Yamcha are both disappointed that their wishes for a dreamy boyfriend and marriage weren't granted. They then suddenly get a realization and face each other. Gokuu is also disappointed that Grandpa flew away.

A much more human-like Gourmes emerges from the rubble, still wanting something delicious to eat. Pansie hands him an apple, which Gourmes finds to be quite delicious. Pansie's father explains that Gourmes had stepped all over things like apples, and then has a happy reunion with Pansie. Meanwhile, Gokuu gives the gold Gourmes coin back to Pasta before summoning Kintoun. As Yamcha and Blooma blissfully hold hands and dance (annoying Oolong in the process), Gokuu flies away, declaring that he's off to search for Grandpa. Pansie waves goodbye as Gokuu expresses his excitement for seeing the world.


This movie takes place in an alternate continuity. It depicts different, contradictory versions of events from the main continuity. For instance, Gokuu and Blooma's first meeting happens differently. In the main continuity, they meet with a car crash, but in this movie, they meet with a motorcycle crash. Other major differences from the main continuity include: the Si Xing Qiu is not stolen from Gokuu's home; Gokuu and Blooma first encounter Oolong in a village rather than a forest; Kame House is not destroyed; Shen Long is first summoned at Pilaf's castle rather than Gourmes's castle; and the first wish is by Oolong for a pair of panties rather than by Pansie for the restoration of her country. The Gourmes Kingdom and its residents also never appear in the main continuity.


There is also a servant robot whose voice is uncredited.


Because this movie takes place in an alternate continuity, it is difficult to relate its timing and locations to those of the main continuity.

The events of this movie take place primarily in the Gourmes Kingdom, both in and around King Gourmes's castle. Other locations include Grandpa Gohan's house, which may or may not be on Mount Baozi, and its surrounding wilderness; a large forest a short distance from Grandpa Gohan's house; a stony area near that large forest; Yamcha's hideout, also near the large forest; and a southern island where Kame House is located, which may or may not be the same as its normal island.

The events of this movie are roughly analogous to Age 749, but the actual date within its own continuity is unknown. The events begin on one day, continue into the next day, and finally conclude on a third day.


Home Video

This movie was first released on DVD in the limited edition Dragon Box The Movies on April 14th, 2006. It was again released in single disc format on March 13th, 2009 as Dragon Ball The Movies #15. It was previously released on VHS.


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