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Chapter 2

No Balls!!

Author: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Weekly Jump Issue: 1984 #52
Pages: 14
Color Pages: Some
Tankoubon: 1
Kanzenban: 1


As the sun begins to set, Gokuu and Blooma continue riding along on a motorcycle, different from the previous one. Because it is getting dark, Blooma decides that they'll end things for today. Gokuu assumes they'll be camping, but Blooma quickly proves him wrong by pulling out a Hoi Poi Capsule. She throws it, and out pops a small house. When they enter, Blooma learns Gokuu knows nothing about electricity when he comments about the indoor "daytime." She next learns that Gokuu knows nothing about bathing, either, so she resolves to scrub him down personally. As she lathers his hair, Gokuu complains about the feeling of the soap, prompting Blooma to explain to him that he's very lucky to be having a girl like her bathe him at all. But when she attempts to wash his back, she discovers that Gokuu's tail is not an accessory when he grabs the brush with it and begins scrubbing himself. Blooma then screams in horror.

When the bath is over, Gokuu concludes that only men have tails. Blooma wonders if that could be true, until Gokuu recalls that his grandfather did not have a tail. Blooma then decides to take a relaxing bath for herself, but her quiet time is soon interrupted when Gokuu nonchalantly walks in, commenting about how strange female chests are. Blooma then asks for his age, and when he says 14, she begins calling him a peeper and throwing things at him, threatening to call the police if he does it again. Gokuu later says that he is hungry, so they begin to eat. However, Gokuu doesn't care for the food: the bread has no flavor, and the soup is bitter. The "soup" is actually coffee, and despite Blooma's attempt to convince him these things are good for him, Gokuu decides to go outside and hunt for something better. He soon returns with a centipede, and a wolf hanging from the end of his staff, wanting to barbecue them. Blooma is disgusted, slamming the door in his face, but Gokuu eats it outside and considers it her loss.

Back inside, it is bed time, and Gokuu comments that it's been a long time since he's slept with someone else. But Blooma says that that's not going to happen as she rolls out a spot on the floor for him. Gokuu does not understand the problem, explaining that he used to use his grandfather's crotch as a pillow, but that only further decreases Blooma's enthusiasm about it. She then brushes her teeth, and begins to ask Gokuu about his parents. All he knows, though, is that Grandpa found him abandoned in the mountains when he was a baby and brought him home. They continue talking for a while, until Gokuu dozes off in the middle of the conversation.

The next morning, Gokuu wakes up first, and then notices Blooma's crotch. He fondly recalls sleeping on his grandfather's crotch, and thus lies down between her legs to make that comfortable feeling reality again, but something doesn't feel right. He pats her crotch, and then removes her underwear to inspect, screaming in horror at what he finds. The noise awakens Blooma, who asks him what's wrong. He mutters that the "balls" are gone, so Blooma quickly rushes to check on the Dragon Balls. When she finds that they're all accounted for, she yells at him. Meanwhile, a shadowy creature begins approaching their house.


The events of this chapter are depicted in Dragon Ball 2, which first aired approximately 15 months after this chapter was first published. The episode includes lots of anime-original material to pad it out, such as scenes involving Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai, and additional details about where Gokuu acquired the centipede and wolf that he eats for dinner.


The sea turtle merely appears as a shadow in the final panel. He does not appear in full, nor does he speak, until the next chapter.


The events of this chapter take place in the wilderness, but it is unclear if it is still in the vicinity of Mount Baozi. However, most scenes are set indoors in this area, within a capsule house.

This chapter takes place during Age 749, some hours after the events of the previous chapter.



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