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Chapter 7

Yamcha and Puer

Author: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Weekly Jump Issue: 1985 #7
Pages: 14
Color Pages: No
Tankoubon: 1
Kanzenban: 1


As the group continues riding along in the river boat, Blooma explains that their next destination is Mount Frypan. But Oolong says he's not going there, as it is the home of the very frightening Bull Demon King. Oolong then turns into a fish and dives into the water to escape, and as Gokuu prepares to swim after him, Blooma says she knows the perfect bait. She removes her panties and puts them on a fishing rod, and sure enough, she catches him. Blooma will not let him keep her underwear, instead giving Oolong a candy ball. Gokuu can't have one, though, which Oolong assumes is because he's better with women. But their conversation is interrupted when the boat suddenly stops due to a lack of gas. Blooma asks Oolong to change into gasoline, but when he says he can't, she instead asks him to turn into an oar. He complies long enough for Gokuu to paddle them to the shore.

As they tie the boat up, Blooma notices that her case of capsules is missing. She realizes she must have dropped them in the river, and asks Oolong to become a fish and go find them, in exchange for her underwear. But Oolong insists it's impossible in such a large river. Blooma cries about her lack of house and vehicles, but Gokuu suggests that Oolong transform into a bike for her. However, they suddenly notice Oolong is missing. Gokuu attempts to look for him via the Somersault Cloud, but Blooma has a more successful strategy: she shouts out "Pee-Pee Pee-Pee!" This gives Oolong sudden bowel troubles, which she shouts out to him is because of the candy ball she gave him, called PP Candy. Calling out "Pee-Pee!" will make a person who took it have diarrhea. Oolong relents and shows himself, so Blooma tells him to turn into a bike now. But because his transformations are only in appearance, he can't support her weight. Oolong turns into a pair of panties, thinking it will work better for her, but Blooma does not agree.

The three of them have now trekked into a desert with lots of strange rock formations. Blooma and Oolong are exhausted, much to Gokuu's annoyance. Blooma complains of her lack of luxuries before suddenly falling asleep under one of the rock formations. Oolong thinks he and Gokuu should follow her lead and nap as well. Elsewhere, a tiny cat spots Gokuu and Oolong from a larger, hollowed out rock formation. He runs inside to tells his friend, Yamcha (a tall young man with long hair), that there are "ducks" out there. Yamcha thinks it's been a while since they've had any game, and then tells the cat, Puer, to ready the Jet Momonga. Oolong and Gokuu, meanwhile, discuss food as Yamcha and Puer ride toward them on their Jet Momonga.


The events of this chapter are depicted in Dragon Ball 5. This episode first aired approximately 14 months after this chapter was first published. The episode contains almost no anime-original material, aside from a small extension to the river scene.



The events of this chapter take place on a river southwest of the village from the previous chapters, and in a desert relatively nearby. There is also a scene at Yamcha's hideout within that desert.

This chapter takes place during Age 749, immediately after the events of the previous chapter.



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