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Chapter 15

The Qi Xing Qiu Discovered

Author: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Weekly Jump Issue: 1985 #15
Pages: 14
Color Pages: No
Tankoubon: 2
Kanzenban: 2


Oolong thinks that finding the ball in this wreck will be impossible, but Blooma is confident, thanks to the Dragon Radar. Meanwhile, the Bull Demon King is simply happy about the cooler weather, though the Turtle Hermit feels bad about destroying his castle. But Chichi reassures him that they can rebuild it. Gokuu then says he wants to learn that cool technique, but the Turtle Hermit tells him it requires 50 years of training to master the Kamehameha Wave. As the Turtle Hermit continues talking to the Bull Demon King and Chichi, Gokuu manages to perform a small Kamehameha Wave, wrecking his group's car.

The Bull Demon King is shocked, but would expect as much from Gohan's grandson. The Turtle Hermit did not know that connection, but recalls that he had heard that Gohan had found and raised a child with a tail. He decides to ask Gokuu about Gohan, to which the boy bluntly responds that Grandpa is dead. The Turtle Hermit then offers to train Gokuu, and Gokuu happily accepts; he'll go as soon as he's done finding Dragon Balls. Yamcha is amazed, since it's rare to be taken in as the Almighty Fighting Master's student.

After sifting through some rocks, Blooma finally finds the Qi Xing Qiu, the ball with seven stars. She's happy, until she notices Gokuu destroyed the car. Luckily, the Bull Demon King decides to give them his own car. Blooma then checks the Dragon Radar, and notes that the last Dragon Ball is far to the west. She prepares to leave with Gokuu and Oolong, but the Turtle Hermit suddenly reminds her about their promise. Blooma then pulls Oolong aside, and demands that he turn into her and take her place, otherwise... Oolong reluctantly submits. After one failed attempt, Oolong becomes the spitting image of Blooma, and calls the Turtle Hermit over. He's ready for poking, but 'Blooma' insists he try something more, like pafupafu. 'She' drops her top, and the Turtle Hermit's nose explodes. The real Blooma does not care for this portrayal of herself.

Gokuu, meanwhile, is waiting for them in the car when Chichi approaches him. She tells him to come back when he's older to pick up his bride. Gokuu doesn't understand, but if she'll give him something, he'll certainly come back for it. Blooma and Oolong then get into the car, and everyone says their goodbyes. Yamcha and Puer continue to follow them, changing cars so that they can keep up with the group's new, faster car.


The events of this chapter are depicted in Dragon Ball 8. This episode first aired approximately 13 months after this chapter was first published. It contains almost no anime-original material.



The events of this chapter take place entirely at the foot of Mount Frypan, in the wreckage of it and the Bull Demon King's castle.

This chapter takes place during Age 749, immediately after the events of the previous chapter.



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