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Chapter 31

The Turtle Hermit School's Strict Training

Author: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Weekly Jump Issue: 1985 #31
Pages: 14
Color Pages: No
Tankoubon: 3
Kanzenban: 3


After that early morning training, it's now time for the morning training. The morning training is to help plow this field. The Turtle Hermit explains to a man that these boys will be the ones working the field, and then tells Gokuu and Kuririn they'll have to do this quickly, otherwise they can't eat breakfast. Kuririn complains that he never had to do any of this stuff at Oorin Temple, until the Turtle Hermit interrupts and says they can't use hoes; they need to use their bare hands. After a while, they finally finish. The Turtle Hermit tells them they took too long, and that tomorrow they'll have to plow an even bigger field.

The boys eat breakfast at a restaurant, and then return to the house, where the Turtle Hermit says it's study time until lunch. Good martial artists must train their mind as well as their bodies. Gokuu hates this, but Kuririn thinks this is one area where he'll definitely win. Later, at 12:30 PM, the three of them lie in hammocks, where they'll nap until 1:30. Next, they're at a construction site, where the Turtle Hermit says they'll have a part-time construction job.

After that, the three of them stand at a lake, where they'll go swimming. Kuririn can't believe that they have more to do, while Gokuu complains that he wants to learn fighting moves instead. The Turtle Hermit spits and says there's no point in teaching martial arts if your body doesn't have the power to use it. He says he'll teach them martial arts once they're strong enough to move this boulder. The Turtle Hermit demonstrates, but it takes a lot out of him to move it just a little. Gokuu then moves the rock a lot farther than the Turtle Hermit did. So, the Turtle Hermit laughs nervously and says that he made a mistake, and points to a much bigger boulder which he says is the real one. Gokuu can't move this one at all. The Turtle Hermit says he can move it, but chooses not to demonstrate.

Now, the swimming will commence. Gokuu and Kuririn remove their clothes, and the Turtle Hermit tells them to swim back and forth ten times. He warns them about the shark in the lake, but not until after they're already being chased by it. When they finish, the Turtle Hermit says they'll move on to the next part. He ties the two boys to a tree, telling them they'll have to dodge their foe's attack. They wonder who the foe is, until the Turtle Hermit creeps over and whacks a beehive in the tree with his staff and darts away. Kuririn and Gokuu try running away, but they can't get far while tied to the tree. Finally, today's training is finished. But starting tomorrow, they'll have to do all the same tasks while wearing 20 kg turtle shells on their backs.


The events of this chapter are depicted in Dragon Ball 18. This episode first aired approximately 11 months after this chapter was first published. There is considerable anime-original material, such as scenes with Lunch, other fighters around the world training, and many minor scene extensions.


There are also people at a restaurant, a shark that chases Gokuu and Kuririn, and bees that attack Gokuu and Kuririn.


The events of this chapter take place at the large island where Kame House is temporarily located. Locations on this island shown include Kame House itself, a large field, a restaurant, a construction site, and a lake.

This chapter takes place during Age 749, shortly after the events of the previous chapter.



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