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Chapter 44

SON Gokuu vs Namu

Author: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Weekly Jump Issue: 1985 #44
Pages: 16
Color Pages: Yes
Tankoubon: 4
Kanzenban: 3


Gokuu stretches, while Namu thinks of the 500,000 Zenii prize and the water his village needs. The announcer then calls for the sixth match to begin. Gokuu decides to use the same technique Jackie had used against Kuririn by leaving a grinning afterimage. The real Gokuu then kicks at Namu from behind, but Namu jumps high into the air to avoid it. Namu comes back down toward Gokuu with a kick, but Gokuu hops out of the way, and the two are left facing each other. Yamcha is amazed at Gokuu for mimicking the technique, while Jackie is impressed that Namu saw through it. Namu then kicks at Gokuu multiple times, but Gokuu blocks all of it. Gokuu counters with his own flurry of punches, but Namu blocks all of that, too. Namu finally kicks Gokuu in the face, and Gokuu successfully sweep kicks him in return.

Gokuu then delivers a hard blow to Namu, sending him flying toward the back wall. But Namu kicks off the wall and flies back to Gokuu with a chop to the neck, sending the boy to the ground. Namu rushes over to toss him out of the ring, but Gokuu instead trips Namu with his tail. As the announcer and crowd marvel over the match thus far, Gokuu gets an idea for a new technique and starts spinning around. The Gokuu tornado whirls toward Namu, knocking him backwards. Namu tries to avoid the spinning Gokuu, but soon finds himself at the edge of the ring. Defeat seems certain... until Gokuu stops spinning and collapses from dizziness. This causes Namu to fall over, nearly out of the ring.

Namu returns to his feet and decides to make the most of this opportunity. Rather than risk another tail tripping, Namu chooses to attack from above and leaps high into the air. He then crosses his arms, forming an X shape, and dives straight down at Gokuu as he announces his Aerial X Fist attack. He silently asks this boy to forgive him, because he's only doing this for his village. Oolong yells for Gokuu to wake up as Namu shouts a Buddhist prayer.


The events of this chapter are depicted in Dragon Ball 25. This episode first aired approximately 10 months after this chapter was first published. There is very little anime-original material, other than extra commentary from Blooma, Oolong, and Puer.


There are also numerous other people, such as spectators.


The events of this chapter take place at the World's Best Martial Arts Fest grounds, at the Fighting Stage and the area surrounding it.

This chapter takes place during Age 750, shortly after the events of the previous chapter.



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