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Chapter 48

Monkey-See-Monkey-Do SON Gokuu

Author: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Weekly Jump Issue: 1985 #48
Pages: 15
Color Pages: Some
Tankoubon: 4
Kanzenban: 4


Gokuu excitedly asks what kind of attack he'll use next. This annoys Jackie into responding with a certain technique. He leaves behind an afterimage, which Gokuu thinks is too repetitive. After looking around, Gokuu chooses to punch a different Jackie, but that turns out to be a second afterimage. The real Jackie kicks Gokuu from behind into the back wall, breaking off another chunk of the wall. Jackie calls this Double Afterimage Fist, and then asks the announcer to start counting.

But the count barely reaches 3 when Gokuu emerges from the wreckage nearly unscathed. He tells Jackie he'll do the same thing and leaves an afterimage. The old man becomes annoyed with all this copycat nonsense and easily notices there are two afterimages. He punches the third Gokuu, but that turns out to be yet another afterimage. The real Gokuu suddenly drops down from above and pounds Jackie on top of the head. This is Triple Afterimage Fist, he says. Jackie complains about a boy hitting his teacher on the head, but Gokuu states that the Turtle Hermit is his teacher. Jackie innocently says it was a mistake before getting serious again.

Jackie takes an attack stance, and then starts stumbling around hiccupping. The announcer wonders if yesterday's sake has suddenly kicked in. Gokuu asks Jackie what's wrong and approaches him, but the old man whacks him over the head. Gokuu becomes frustrated, while Yamcha curiously looks on. Jackie then nonchalantly turns his back to Gokuu and kicks him from behind. This makes Yamcha realize what Jackie is doing. He yells to Gokuu that Jackie is using Drunken Fist, where one pretends to be drunk to attack. Gokuu says that technique was his late grandfather's specialty.

Gokuu then attempts a flying kick, but Jackie dodges and elbows Gokuu in the back of the head. Gokuu next tries to punch Jackie, but he again misses and instead receives a knee to the stomach. Jackie gloats about the fact that a child can't copy intoxication until Gokuu suddenly runs away. He starts shaking, causing Jackie to wonders if he's crying. But Gokuu suddenly turns around with a vicious look on his face and drool dripping from his mouth. He then charges across the ring on all fours baring his teeth. Jackie cowers in fear, but Gokuu simply jumps over the old man and kicks him into the wall, breaking off yet another chunk. Jackie rises from the wreckage and asks what that technique was, and Gokuu replies that it was Crazy Fist ("Kyouken"). But Jackie says that he spelled it wrong, and that technique was actually Mad Dog (also "Kyouken").


The events of this chapter are depicted in Dragon Ball 26. This episode first aired approximately 9 months after this chapter was first published. Anime-original material includes a sub-plot in which Gokuu catches Jackie in a few lies, extensions to the Drunken Fist scene, and other minor additions and alterations. The Crazy Fist/Mad Dog scene is not depicted in the anime, but the part of it in which Jackie is kicked through a wall is repurposed later on in the episode.


There are also numerous other people, including spectators and Martial Arts Fest officials.


The events of this chapter take place at the World's Best Martial Arts Fest grounds, at the Fighting Stage and the area surrounding it.

This chapter takes place during Age 750, shortly after the events of the previous chapter.



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