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Chapter 69

Buruma to Gokuu Paato Tsuu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #19
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 6
Kanzenban: 5


"Bloomaaaaaa!!! It's meeeee!!!" The policeman says to try talking into the interphone, but Gokuu doesn't know what that is. So the policeman calls in and asks about Blooma-san. A robot says Blooma-sama is still at school, and then the policeman remembers that school isn't out yet. Gokuu says he'll wait, and tells the policeman he can go now. But the policeman says he can't until he makes sure Gokuu isn't a bad person; it's hard to believe someone like Gokuu would know the daughter of a top class company like Capsule Corporation. Then Gokuu says he smells her, and she's coming this way on a futuristic motorscooter thing.

"Ossu!!" Blooma's impressed to see Son-kun found her house, and Gokuu explains that the policeman helped. Blooma asks him what he wants (as the policeman sniffs her), and Gokuu explains how the Radar she gave him got all broken and he wants her to fix it. Blooma says that's nothing, and says to come inside (as the policeman thinks to himself about her not having that bad a scent). Then the policeman asks if he can't also get his scooter fixed. On the way in, the policeman asks why she's not in school. Blooma says she got bored and skipped. Inside, a little maid robot welcomes her back. Blooma asks where Dad is, and the maid robot says he's probably in the garden. Blooma opens the door (door slides up Star Trek style), and Gokuu thinks they're outside again. But this is just the first floor garden. Blooma tells a little flying bot to go get her dad. The policeman's amazed at all the cats and dogs running around, and Blooma explains that her dad takes in stray dogs, stray cats, and stray dinosaurs.

Blooma's dad then comes riding in on a bicycle, with a little black cat on his shoulder. He hops off, and Blooma tells him this boy is the Son-kun she's told him about. So, Blooma's dad goes up to the policeman and says he's not the chibi he heard about; he's really large and doesn't look twelve. But then he sees the real Gokuu, and they greet each other. The policeman wonders if this is really the Dr. Brief who invented capsules. Blooma says they're going upstairs, and asks her dad to fix the policeman's scooter down here. Dr. Brief asks Blooma if the two of them have at least kissed yet, and Blooma yells at him for that. Gokuu asks what a 'kiss' is, and Blooma yells that kids shouldn't know.

At Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, Red and Black wonder why the enemy has gone to West City, until the bear guy comes in and informs them that they received a picture of the enemy from General White. (Cute picture!) Red can't believe that this is the brat that wiped out Silver and White. They don't know which of the four remaining Dragon Balls he'll be after. So, Red yells at the bear guy to send this picture to all units, and inform them to find and kill him.

Blooma is finished fixing the Dragon Radar, and then notices that Gokuu's only found two balls so far. Tomorrow is Sunday...so Blooma decides she'll go with him to find the Dragon Balls. Gokuu says she'll just get in the way, and she yells that if she'd been with him, he'd have already found his grandfather's Si Xing Qiu. Gokuu asks how she plans on going, since she can't ride Kintoun, and Blooma laughs and shows him her watch. It's a Microband, and if you press this switch, it makes you small. So, she shrinks down to mouse size. And then a woman comes in and steps on her. "So, you're Gokuu-chan, huh!! Nice to meet you!! I'm Blooma's mama!!" Blooma grows back to normal size, and then her mom asks what she was doing under her foot, and Blooma yells at her.

Blooma's mom apologizes for her loud daughter, then offers Gokuu some sake. Blooma yells at her that you don't give kids sake. Blooma's mom says she's so rebellious. Blooma's really annoyed, and then Gokuu asks about Yamcha and Oolong. Blooma's mom says they're all in school, and her daughter's in a dispute with Yamcha-chan right now, since he's popular with the girls. Blooma yells at her again, then tells her mom that she's going to go find the Dragon Balls again and get a much better man than Yamcha. Blooma's mom asks if she can't come to get a good man, too, and Blooma yells that she can't come.

Blooma and Gokuu head downstairs, where Dr. Brief is working on the policeman's scooter. While getting a capsule case, Blooma tells him that she and Son-kun are off to search for Dragon Balls again, and Dr. Brief tells her to get dad a lovely gal, and she yells at him about husband and wife being the same. Outside the house, the policeman watches on his scooter as Gokuu calls Kintoun. Blooma turns tiny again and hops into Gokuu's shirt, and they fly off. The policeman says he doesn't understand the rich, then turns on his scooter, and flies down the street with it. He crashes into a lady's car with his faster scooter, and she bitches him out for it. And Dr. Brief says Blooma mistakenly took his capsules...








  1. Incomplete
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