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Chapter 73

Buruu Shougun no Gosan

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #23
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 7
Kanzenban: 5


Kamesennin wants to know what these dudes are doing here at his island, and the fat officer dude compliments the radar he invented, calling him doctor. "Doctor? Me?" The fat leader dude thinks he's playing dumb, and wants his troops to investigate. Kamesennin asks who they are, and the dude says the Red Ribbon Army. Kamesennin's heard of them, bad people, hate justice, etc. Then this one dude comes out of the house holding Good Lunch at gun point, and Kamesennin asks why they came. The fat officer dude explains how the two Dragon Balls the kid had were tracked here on their radar. Kamesennin asks Good Lunch if there's any Dragon Balls here, and she says they might be in the house.

After some more idle talk, Kamesennin says he's gonna fight them, and then punches the fat officer dude hard in the gut. He kicks another dude in the face, and then whacks another one with his staff. Next, Kamesennin jumps up and kicks two dudes at once (one foot each!), and then runs between two more dudes and kicks one in the stomach while elbowing the other in the stomach. Then he leaps up and elbows another dude in the back of the neck. This one dude starts shooting at him with a machine gun, but Kamesennin catches all the bullets, then kicks him.

Then, there's only one dude left, and he has a gun to Good Lunch's head. As he threatens to kill her, Umigame comes along with a palm tree branch and starts tickling her nose. The dude's pissed about the "shit woman" sneezing on him, and then Bad Lunch gets pissed, breaks free, and uppercuts him. She starts swearing at him and kicking him while he's on the ground, and then gives him the finger as Kamesennin pulls her away. Then they spot one last dude, and Kamesennin asks him to take his knocked out friends away.

"Meanwhile, General Blue leads Red Ribbon A Company, and they have entered a cave as they chase Gokuu and friends..." Blooma notices they're gaining on them with their smaller boat, and this walrus dude wonders if they shouldn't fire a torpedo, but Blue thinks that would be unpleasant. And the cave might, uh, cave in. Blue's troops keep chasing them, until the good guys surface. Gokuu thinks they're back outside, until Blooma explains otherwise. Then they run away. Blue's two subs surface, too, and as the troops go chase them, the walrus dude says B Company is on the radio. Blue can't believe they've been wiped out. And then Gokuu stops, since he doesn't see why they're running, he can just beat them up. And so he decides to do so.

The walrus dude calls the others back, and Blue explains that this is no ordinary enemy. One dude thinks nothing of this brat, and Blue yells that it's the same boy who wiped out Silver Company and White Company. And the other members of his group, an old man and a woman, wiped out B Company. Gokuu thinks it strange nobody's coming, and so the three of them decide to move on. And Blue says he can handle the five of them.








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