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Chapter 75

Kaizoku Minato no Fukuhei

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #25
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 7
Kanzenban: 6


The harbor is huge, there's a dock with a huge ship, building, cars -- like any ol' secret underwater harbor. Blooma thinks it must've been the pirates' base, and Kuririn thinks the treasure is somewhere in here. They talk about the harbor some more, while Blue watches on, thinking about killing them and getting the Dragon Ball and the treasure.

Gokuu senses something, and Blue gets scared, but Gokuu tells Kuririn it's not the Red Ribbon Army, since it's not human. Then a skeleton bursts outta the building, with a gun for a left arm and a sword in his right hand. It swipes at them with the sword, and they just barely dodge it. Blooma knew there would be ghosts here, but Kuririn says it's a robot.

They dodge the bullets as the robot starts to fire at them, and then Gokuu rushes at it and kicks it in the back of the head. Then Kuririn chops the blade of the sword off with his hand, and the two of them prepare to attack its legs. Blue notes their use of kenpou, and then the robot slugs Kuririn in the face and knocks him back a few feet. Kuririn thinks it's strong, and they prepare to attack while Blooma watches.

The pirate robot fires at them some more, and then as they hide behind some crates, Gokuu tells Kuririn to go find the Dragon Ball with Blooma while he takes care of the robot. Gokuu jump kicks the robot into the water, and Kuririn and Blooma take the opportunity to run away, and Blue follows them at a safe distance. Gokuu looks down into the water, and then the robot's tail pulls him down below and starts to electrocute him. Then Gokuu breaks off the tail and jumps to the surface, and decides to take the Nyoi Bo up to the roof of the building. The robot jumps outta the water and looks around, and then Gokuu dives straight down at it. "Jaaaaankeeeennnn... Guuuu!!!!" He punches straight through the robot, and it explodes.

Gokuu runs to try to catch up with the others, meanwhile, Kuririn notices that explosion is causing the foundation to crack. He and Blooma run like hell, and then when they come to a fork in the path, Kuririn marks the direction they take. When Blue catches up, he erases the arrow and draws a new one pointing in the opposite direction. Then Gokuu notices the arrow, and heads left instead of right.








  1. Incomplete
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