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Chapter 77

Hikaru Buruu no Me

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #27
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 7
Kanzenban: 6


Kuririn can't believe how strong Blue is, and he slowly gets back up. Blue can't believe he still wants to fight, and Blooma cheers him on. Kuririn runs at him, then he leaps up, leaving an afterimage on the ground (apparently Kuririn can use Zanzouken now, too), and comes down and kicks Blue in the face. Blue gets up, and can't believe he kicked his beautiful face. Then Blue notices his nose is bleeding, and really freaks out.

Now wearing noseplugs, Blue is very disgusted with the situation, and he looks towards Kuririn. He's gonna make this kid pay, and then his eyes flash, and Kuririn can't move anymore. Blue says it's his Chounouryoku, and Blooma can't believe it. Blue threatens to kill Kuririn, as Gokuu continues swimming to the rescue. Blue kicks the little guy up in the air, and then he punches Kuririn and sends him flying into the wall. Kuririn slides down, Blue chuckles, and Blooma is worried about how she'll be killed next.

Then Blue notices the place is falling down, and thinks he'll have to hurry up with them and find the Dragon Ball. And Blooma decides she'll have to use her Oiroke Sakusen to save the day. She calls Blue out, and starts flirting with him, and giggling and wiggling her ass (and, remember, she's not wearing pants). Blue yells for her stop being so vulgar, and then she remember he's gay, and hates women. Then Blooma says she's really a man, and Blue yells than men don't have huge breasts like that, and she runs away. Blue threatens to kill her, and then picks up a huge rock and prepares to send Kuririn to the afterlife.

Just then, Gokuu jumps outta the water, and Blue stops what he's doing. Blooma yells for Son-kun to beat up this Red Ribbon who tried to kill them, and Gokuu says he's gonna beat him up for doing this to Kuririn. Gokuu and Blue face-off, and then Blue swipes at Gokuu, but he ducks it and punches Blue in the gut. Once Blue regains his composure, he tries to sweep kick Gokuu, but Gokuu jumps over it. Gokuu kicks off the cave wall and knees Blue in the back of the head, and Kuririn thinks Gokuu's gotten stronger since the Tenkaichi Budoukai. Blue starts to get really pissed, and Blooma calls out for Son-kun to look out for his eyes. Now Gokuu can't move, and Blue's got that huge rock again.








  1. Incomplete
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