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Chapter 79

Nigero ya Nigero!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #29
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 7
Kanzenban: 6


The harbor is in horrible shape, and Blooma thinks they should leave, but Kuririn doesn't wanna leave Gokuu to die. Blooma yells out that her own life is the most important thing in the world to her, and Kuririn faintly agrees. Blooma thinks Gokuu'll be alright, and as they prepare to dive, Kuririn notices Gokuu's come. He runs through the harbor, and a rock falls on his head, but he keeps going, and they call him over to the submarine.

The submarine dives down, and fallen rocks are everywhere. Gokuu pulls the mouse out of his mouth, and he's glad he's alright. The water becomes even more cluttered with rocks, and Kuririn yells out about the whole cave collapsing. They get excited about getting to the tunnel that leads back into the ocean, until the submarine runs outta gas.

Gokuu tells Kuririn to hold onto this mouse, and then he faces the back of the sub. He does the Kamehameha, and the glass covering blows off, and the submarine is propelled from the collapsing cave tunnel to the surface of the ocean. They're all in mid-air, and Gokuu calls for Kintoun, then grabs Kuririn's foot, and Kuririn grabs Blooma's arm in one hand while still holding the mouse in the other. They happily fly off in their odd formation, and then Blue's head pops up from the water.

They're all three relieved to be saved, as they sit on the shore where Blue's base is. Kuririn's a bit dissapointed that they didn't get any of that treasure, but Blooma smirks and digs through her panties, and pulls out a huge diamond. Kuririn's impressed, but wonders about how she kept it between her legs without it sticking out... Gokuu shows that he got the Dragon Ball, and Blooma asks if he's gonna keep on searching until he gets the Fourstarball. Blooma refuses to risk her life for him anymore, and Gokuu reminds her that she was the one who insisted she come. And she says she wouldn't have come if he'd mentioned the Red Ribbon Army was involved. Kuririn points out a Red Ribbon jetcopter here on the island, and says they should just go back to Mutenroushi-sama's house.

Blue makes it to the shore, and notices Gokuu on Kintoun and the others in the jetcopter, and thinks they're returning to their secret base. Blooma tells Kuririn that they'll give this diamond to Kamesennin-san to make up for losing his submarine, and Kuririn's a bit disappointed. Then he starts sniffing the diamond (heheh, naughty Kuririn, who doesn't even have a nose), and Blooma starts yelling at him. And Blue is following in a jetcopter of his own.








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