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Chapter 88

Karin Tou no Karinsama

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #38
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 8
Kanzenban: 6


Gokuu makes his way to the top of the tower, and there's a huge platform supporting a weird palace at the top. He makes his way up from the tower through a hole in the floor, and wonders where the power-up is amongst all this weird stuff. As he looks through some weird water barrels, a voice calls him to come up. Gokuu leaves the room and head upstairs to a big round room with no walls, just railing and a ceiling supported by pillars. There's an old cat standing there with a staff, who says he's impressed with the speed this chibi got up here, and Gokuu tells him he's even more of a chibi.

GOKUU: Where's the sennin-sama at?
CAT: That's me.
GOKUU: Huh!? You're the sennin-sama!?
CAT: More correctly, you could say I'm a senbyou-sama*.

Gokuu then asks about the strange water that powers you up, he wants to drink it. "Ah, the Super Holy Water." The cat points to it, in a jar atop the stand in the middle of the room. He wants to know why Gokuu wants it, and Gokuu starts to explain, but the cat tells him to hush, then stares at him a minute. "Indeed. You're gathering the Dragon Balls to return Upa's father back to life. But you can't do that unless you become stronger than that Taopaipai person..." Gokuu freaks out, and wants to know how he knew that without him talking, and the cat says he can reads minds, he's a sennin. (Remember how Kamesennin read Namu's mind?) The cat says his intentions aren't impure.

Gokuu walks over to the stand, and climbs up and prepares to take the jar with the strange water, but the cat wonders if he can drink it. Gokuu asks if he means it's yucky, and the cat says it's because he's gonna interfere. He runs over and knocks Gokuu off the stand, and Gokuu's pissed, and thinks the cat's a bad guy. Gokuu jumps up for the jar again, but the cat jump kicks him back to the ground. Gokuu's pissed about this, and the cat explains that he needs to avoid his interference.

Gokuu does the old point and look trick, and then jumps up for it while the cat's head is turned, but the cat just bonks him in the face with his staff. Then the cat puts the jar on the end of his staff, and starts waving it around, and then Gokuu starts chasing him all over the place until he gets tired out. Gokuu says he needs to eat, and the cat decides to feed him. He tosses Gokuu a bean, and says it's a Senzu, and one seed is worth ten days of food. Gokuu decides to eat it, and then he's all fulled up! He says he can get the jar now, and rushes at the cat, but still can't get it.

Gokuu's exhausted now, and asks if he's the first to come up here. The cat says just one other person did, three hundred years ago, and Gokuu interrupts and asks how old he is -- eight hundred. Gokuu says that's waaaaaay older than he is. The cat continues and tells Gokuu that this one person was his teacher, and Gokuu doesn't know who he means, and the cat says he means Mutenroushi. Gokuu's amazed Kamesennin Grandpa got all strong from drinking the strange water, and asks the cat if he happens to be a really famous person. The cat says to call him Karin-sama, and Gokuu asks how long it took Kamesennin Grandpa to get the water. He holds up three fingers, and Gokuu's amazed that it was three minutes. "No. Three years."

*Sen means "hermit", and nin means "person", but byou means "cat". So, he's saying he's a cat hermit instead of a human hermit.








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