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Chapter 93

Son Gokuu Totsugeki

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #43
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 8
Kanzenban: 7


Gokuu looks at the Dragon Radar, and wonders why the next two Dragon Balls are together. Then he realizes that place must be the Red Ribbon Army's house, and decides he'll go there and beat up everyone. Upa tells him he's crazy, but Gokuu says he has to go there to get the balls. Upa wants him to run away if things get dangerous, and then Gokuu calls for Kintoun.

At Red Ribbon Headquarters, Colonel Violet has returned with the Fivestarball she found using the enemy's Radar, and says it was really easy. Then Red tells Black to give that Radar to General Copper so he can find the next one. The bear dude notices that the four Dragon Balls have started moving, and Red thinks it's Taopaipai.

Gokuu continues along on Kintoun, and then some little robot plane comes up to him. "What a weird guy..." At Kame House, Blooma has apparently set up some radar satellite stuff, and she tells Kamesennin and Bad Lunch that Son-kun's on the TV. They come and look, and then Blooma switches it to a radar/map screen, and says Gokuu's headed in the direction of two other Dragon Balls. Bad Lunch wonders if he isn't headed towards Red Ribbon's headquarters, so Blooma decides to send the little robot plane to go find out, leaving Gokuu behind.

The little robot plane is now above Red Ribbon Headquarters, and Blooma switches the image to show the place. Then a jetcopter destroys the little robot plane, and some dude in the control room wonders if it wasn't Taopaipai, but they say it was just a spy plane. Black says the four Dragon Balls are here, and Red's glad that Taopaipai's arrived. Gokuu spots their base, and pulls out the Nyoi Bo and says he's gonna get rowdy. The dude in the jetcopter spots Taopaipai, but gets a closer looks, and realizes it's not him.

Back at Kame House, Blooma says Son-kun'll be killed, and Kamesennin decides they should go help him out, until Umigame points out that they have no transportation. Blooma decides she'll call Yamcha, but Umigame says they have no phone. She gets pissed, until Umigame tells her she could build probably build one, and so she does. Dr. Brief picks up, wanting to tell her a joke, and she yells at him to put Yamcha on the line. She explains the situation, and apparently Yamcha knows of the Red Ribbon Army, as does Oolong. Yamcha yells at Puer and Oolong that they're going to go help Gokuu, and says he's been getting bored here.

Gokuu blows up the jetcopter, and then one of the dudes in the control room turns on the Laser Monitor and sees him. The bear dude yells to Red that it's not Taopaipai who has the four balls, but Son Gokuu.








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