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Chapter 95

Reddo Sousui Shisu!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #45
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 8
Kanzenban: 7


Gokuu kicks this dude in the face, then punches another one, and kicks a third dude in the head. This dude behind a table turned on its side fires a rocket at him, and thinks he's dead. But Gokuu just gets pissed and rushes at him and this rabbit dude, smashing the table up against the wall, squishing them. The other two dudes in the room run away, and Red's pissed watching this go on. Black says all their remaining soldiers are running away, and Red can't believe this is all happening just because of one brat.

Red can't take this, he really wanted to make himself taller. Black can't believe they were gathering the Dragon Balls just for his height, when they could rule the world, but Red says being a chibi makes him unpopular with the gals. He talks about how he was teased when he was in school, and Black says the Red Ribbon Army should be conquering the world. Red tells him to shut up, since he's the commander, and finally, Black can't take it anymore, and he shoots Red in the head. Black says he's in charge now, and then Gokuu shows up.

Black offers Gokuu the opportunity to share the Dragon Balls and take over the world, and Gokuu says no, he's gonna return to life Upa's daddy who was killed by his friend. Black tries to convince him further, but Gokuu still refuses. So, they have to fight. Black swings at him, and Gokuu dodges, then he kicks at Gokuu, but he jumps over it. Then Gokuu hits the ground, and charges at Black and elbows him in the gut. Gokuu yells at him to give in, but instead he pulls out a capsule, and out pops a mecha. Black hops in, and then punches Gokuu hard in the face, as everyone else continues towards RRHQ.








  1. Incomplete
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