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Chapter 113

Dainijuunikai Tenkaichi Budoukai

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #13
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 10
Kanzenban: 8


Puer, Blooma, Yamcha, Oolong, Kuririn, Umigame, and Bad Lunch are all waiting outside of Durian Airport, and then Kamesennin comes out of the bathroom, and they hop in some cabs to the arena. At the Budoukai now, Kamesennin calls Kuririn and Yamcha over to sign in at the information desk, and Kamesennin asks the dude if Son Gokuu has signed in. The dude recognizes the name as the kid who was runner up last time, and says he hasn't arrived yet. Yamcha says there's only five minutes left, and Bad Lunch wonders if she shouldn't enter, since the prize is five hundred thousand zenii, but Umigame tells her you can't use weapons. Then Kamesennin sneaks away and tells the dude he's Jackie Chun, and the dude recognizes him, but Kamesennin hushes him, explaining how it's a secret. Then Kamesennin gets back, saying he was using the bathroom, this time to piss.

Then these three dudes show up in matching outfits that have the tsuru ("crane") kanji on it. There's this really tall mean-looking dude with three eyes, a freaky little midget mime thing, and an evil old dude with silly hair and a crane hat. The old dude recognizes Kamesennin, and Kamesennin recognizes him as Tsurusennin, and can't believe he's still alive. Tsurusennin starts talking crap, saying how his students will win, and then he and Kamesennin argue a bit until they leave. Yamcha's pissed, and Kamesennin says Tsurusennin is his rival.

Oolong says there's only one minute left, and Yamcha asks Puer to change into Gokuu and sign in, but then Bad Lunch yells to wait. Gokuu comes running down the street towards them, wearing an animal skin outfit with the Nyoi Bo strapped to his back, and his tail's returned. "Ossu!!" Gokuu's gotten a little taller, and his belly's gone (six pack!), and he greets everyone as Kamesennin goes over and tells the dude Son Gokuu's arrived. Gokuu almost doesn't recognize Blooma, and Yamcha compliments how well he's gown (Kuririn's pissed that he hasn't grown as well Gokuu has). Then Kamesennin asks about Kintoun, and Gokuu says he didn't use it, just like he said. Oolong asks him if he really swam here, and Gokuu says yeah, from some place called Yahhoi, and everyone freaks out, as Blooma says that's on the opposite side of the Earth.

Then the PA system calls the contestants in for the preliminaries, and so Yamcha, Kuririn, and Gokuu get changed into their Kame dougi, and everyone wishes them luck as they head in. Then Puer wonders where Mutenroushi-sama went, and Blooma says he went to take a crap again. Inside, some dudes recognize Jackie Chun, and then Gokuu greets him, and says he'll win this time. But Jackie confidently thinks to himself that he, Mutenroushi, won't lose. Then this official dude starts talking about how this time there's a hundred eighty-two contestants, but only eight will make it from these preliminaries to the finals, but Gokuu is too busy eating to pay attention.








  1. Incomplete
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