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Chapter 122

Son Gokuu Sanjou!!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #22
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 11
Kanzenban: 9


"Well then, we'll begin the fourth match!! With this, all eight competitors will have appeared!!" First Panputt is called out, and apparently he's a pretty famous competitor. And, of course, Son Gokuu was the runner up at the previous tournament. Announcer thinks this'll be an amazing match. Then Panputt punches at Gokuu, stopping just in front of his face, but Gokuu doesn't flinch. Panputt asks him about that, and Gokuu says the punch didn't look like much. Panputt thinks Gokuu doesn't realize how great he is, and asks Announcer for a moment to show him.

Panputt starts punching and kicking the air, then he does some backflips over to the back wall. Panputt elbows the wall, breaking off part of it, and then he asks Gokuu if he understands, and Gokuu says yep. Announcer starts to make his way outta the ring, and Panputt tells Gokuu it'll only take him thirty seconds to win. The match is called to begin, and so Panputt charges at Gokuu. But Gokuu just elbows him in the stomach, and Panputt falls over. "H-he's fainted...!! Son-senshu's win...!!"

Announcer goes on about it being only one hit, but Tenshinhan insists it wasn't. "While holding off his opponent's agile punch with his right hand, he gave an elbow with his left... Three shots in all..." Tenshinhan thinks this isn't an ordinary brat, and that this tournament has gotten a little more interesting. Backstage, Kuririn congratulates Gokuu on beating that dude who was supposed to be really great. Jackie tells them that that dude WAS really great, they've just become ridiculously strong, and their eyes can see movements more easily, etc. Kuririn brings up how Yamcha-san lost, and he himself had a rough time against that chibi. Jackie just says that Tsurusennin's group is also ridiculously strong.

"Well then, from this we'll carry out the semifinal fifth match!! The first match's winner, Tenshinhan-senshu, versus the second match's winner, Jackie Chun-senshu -- by all means!!" Jackie heads out to the ring where Tenshinhan is waiting, and thinking of how this old man isn't ordinary, either. And Kuririn wonders just how strong they (he and Gokuu) really are.








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