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Chapter 132

鶴仙人の怨念 気功砲!!
Tsurusennin no Onnen Kikouhou!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #32
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 11
Kanzenban: 9


Tenshinhan continues about just wanting to fight the match on his own, and Gokuu thinks he's a good guy after all. Tenshinhan then repeats what he said in the last chapter about preparing for this next attack (word for word), and Chaozu repeats his asking Ten-san if he plans on doing "that". Gokuu gets ready for it, as Tenshinhan spreads his arms out and begins powering up. Everyone wonders what he's up to, and Chaozu excitedly exclaims, "It isn't!! It's not Kikouhou. It's Shiyouken!!" Two humps form in Tenshinhan's back, and then, two extra arms pop out! (Four arms and three eyes! Picture Goro of MK.)

Everyone is freaked out (Announcer even drops his microphone), as Tenshinhan tells Gokuu he can punch twice as much now. Tenshinhan comes at Gokuu, and Gokuu blocks Tenshinan's front arm strikes. But Gokuu only has two hands, and Tenshinhan clubs Gokuu in the back with his back arms. Gokuu hops away, rubbing his back, and then Tenshinhan comes swinging at him again. Then Tenshinhan grabs one of Gokuu's limbs in each of his four hands, holds Gokuu over his head, then brings Gokuu down for a fierce headbutt to the kid's gut. Gokuu then counters this by whacking Tenshinhan in the face with his tail, and then he jumps free.

Tenshinhan's pissed about that, and Gokuu says that he'll counter the four arms by having eight arms. Gokuu starts waving his arms really fast, making it seem as though he has eight arms (King Chapa's Hasshuken). Gokuu runs over and starts punching Tenshinhan, and Tenshinhan can't do much to counter. Gokuu punches him in the face, then kicks him into the air. Tenshinhan lands, pissed, and then retracts his third and fourth arm.

Tenshinhan decides to give Gokuu a warning: "If I directly use this technique on you, even someone as skilled as you will unmistakably die!! I don't want to kill you!!! So, avoid this!!! You have to avoid this!!!" Kamesennin wonders about this, as Chaozu cries out, "It's Kikouhou!! T-Ten-san, stop it!!" Kamesennin also yells out objections, asking Tenshinhan if he wants to die.

Kamesennin explains to Kuririn how the Kikouhou is a destructive technique levels greater than Kamehameha, and it consumes so much energy that the user will die. Kamesennin curses Tsurusennin for teaching him that technique. Chaozu continues crying out for him not to do this, but Tenshinhan insists he won't have to die. Tenshinhan flies up into the air, and Gokuu says he refuses to run away. Kamesennin yells at Gokuu not to be stupid/stubborn and do like he says, but Gokuu ignores him. "Here goes!!" says Tenshinhan as he looks down at Gokuu, who prepares to take whatever Tenshinhan's gonna give him.








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