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Chapter 134

武道大会終了! そして…
Budou Taikai Shuuryou! Soshite...

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #34
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 12
Kanzenban: 9


Gokuu continues flying straight at Tenshinhan, and hits him with a hard headbutt to the gut. So, now Tenshinhan is falling at an angle off into the city, away from the arena. Although, Gokuu is falling at the same angle a bit behind Tenshinhan, since the Kamehameha used up so much of his strength, he can't really move his body. Announcer throw out a capsule, and out pops a cute little shark-decorated vehicle. He hops in, then zooms off to go continue calling the match.

Gokuu and Tenshinhan are much closer to the ground now, and so Gokuu manages to fires off a little Kamehameha to slightly increase his altitude. Announcer calls this, and, on a radio in the hospital, Yamcha, Puer, Blooma, and Bad Lunch hear it and get excited. Kuririn's relieved back at the arena as well. But, suddenly... A truck drives down the street, right in Gokuu's path. Gokuu hits the truck, bouncing off and crashing into the street. Tenshinhan crashes just afterwards. "Tenshinhan-senshu has won!! He's won!! Tenshinhan-senshu is determined the greatest in the world!!" Chaozu is happy to hear this, while everyone else is shocked.

Some time passes after the finish. "Well then, let's all meet up again after three years. Goodbye!!" The whole gang is together now, along with Tenshinhan and Chaozu. Gokuu changes into Kuririn's less tattered dougi, since he has nothing else to change into, unlike everyone else. Tenshinhan offers Gokuu half the prize money, but Gokuu declines (he wouldn't know what to do with money). Tenshinhan insists he only won by luck, and is feeling a bit humbled.

Like last time, Kamesennin suggests they all go out to eat. Tenshinhan thinks he could at least pay with his prize money, and Kuririn tells him he'll regret that (because of Gokuu's unbelievable appetite). "Ah, we can't go!! Grandpa's Dragon Ball and my Nyoi Bo!!" Kuririn offers to go in to the backstage house thing and get that for Gokuu, as Yamcha (on crutches because of his leg) and Tenshinhan somewhat make up. Kamesennin offers to let the two of them come train at his place, and Bad Lunch highly agrees (she says she's fallen in love with Tenshinhan because he's so wild). But Tenshinhan declines, since they're still Tsurusennin-sama's students despite it all. He and Chaozu'll go live somewhere.

Suddenly, there's a loud scream from inside the backstage house thing, and Gokuu recognizes it as Kuririn's voice. Everyone runs in, and Kuririn's down, as is Announcer. Kuririn's out, but Announcer's still awake. Announcer weakly says a monster came in and took a weird ball and the Budoukai name registration list. Kamesennin wonders about that, when Gokuu states Kuririn is dead. Someone killed him!








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