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Chapter 138

Booru o Motta Myou na Yatsu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #38
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 12
Kanzenban: 10


Gokuu thinks this awesome fish looks like a dream. He jumps up on it and starts eating it, until only the skeleton is left, and his belly's all fat. He's feeling good now, and he runs over and punches a huge rock, putting a big hole in it. He's full of strength now, ready to go get that bastard again, and he calls for Kintoun. But Kintoun doesn't come, so it must really be destroyed this time. Gokuu gets really pissed again, 'cause now that dude has killed two of his friends.

Gokuu pulls out the Dragon Radar, and it says there's a Dragon Ball right around here. Gokuu thinks HE must be somewhere around here, just as a big boulder comes flying at Gokuu. But Gokuu jumps over it, then jumps up on top of the boulder, and asks the "bastard" to come out. A fat dude with shaggy hair, a katana, and the Onestarball hanging from his neck comes out, asking what he means by this "bastard" business. The dude's pissed about him eating his fish, and Gokuu hadn't realized it belonged to someone, thought it dropped down here. The dude says he's a dumbass for thinking a roasted fish would just drop down, and Gokuu hops down off the boulder.

Gokuu notices the dude has a Dragon Ball around his neck, though he's not close enough to notice it only has one star, and thinks it's his Dragon Ball. He thinks this dude must be in cohoots with the monster, so Gokuu asks him where the dude with the wings is. The dude's not telling the fish thief anything. The insults fly, and then they charge towards each other. Gokuu blocks the dude's punches, until the dude headbutts Gokuu and knocks him down. But then Gokuu jumps up and headbutts the dude back, and the dude reels a bit.

The dude kicks at Gokuu, but Gokuu sidesteps it and punches the dude in the face. Then Gokuu kicks the dude, and he crashes into a random mountain thing. The dude gets up and dusts himself off, then they stare each other down, wondering about the other. And Gokuu notices the Dragon Ball the dude has ain't Grandpa's, and asks about it. The dude says he picked this up three years ago, and Gokuu apologizes for his mistake. The dude is still pissed about his fish, though, since it was his breakfast. Then Gokuu spots something flying their way, and thinks it's HIM. But actually, it's Cymbal, not Tambourine. Cymbal asks if they happens to know where a tiny ball with stars on it is.








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