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Chapter 163


Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #13
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 14
Kanzenban: 11


Yajirobe wants to know what he means about Gokuu's clothes getting tattered up there, and Gokuu asks if Kamisama's a dangerous person. Karin-sama explains that he'll be tested up there, but he has faith in Gokuu. Yajirobe doesn't much like the sound of that, but Gokuu's not worried. "Okaaaaay, here goes!! Extend, Nyoi Bo!!" Gokuu shoots up there, and Karin-sama thinks Gokuu'll be shocked when he sees Kami-sama's face. Yajirobe asks if his face is that frightening, but Karin-sama says it's not frightening, just familiar.

The bo keeps shooting up, and then Gokuu finally sees the place. It's huge, and round, but flat on the top. It's like the bottom half of a sphere, think Cloud City. The Nyoi Bo finally stops, connecting in another big connector thing with a little hole in the tip, and Gokuu spots a ladder up above him. (The ladder is curved with the shape of the palace, not hanging down straight.) He swings up from the bo to the ladder, and climbs all the way up to the flat surface.

Beautiful! The floor is tiled, no walls or ceiling, and there's all kinds of nicely kept trees, and a cool multi-buildinged temple on the other side. There's this genie dude standing in the middle of the floor, with black skin (not negro, but black like the color (or actually, lack thereof)) and big eyes and lips. Gokuu and the genie dude greet each other, and Gokuu asks him if he's Kamisama. "I Mister Popo. Kami-sama's servant." (Popo usually lacks certain grammatical elements in his speech, so it's kind of broken.)

Popo compliments his work in defeating Piccolo Daimaou, and Gokuu asks how he knows that. "Kami-sama knows everything. Kami-sama great." Gokuu looks behind Popo, and asks if that (the cool temple) is Kamisama's house, and wants to go there. "You've brought proof of Karin's approval?" Gokuu shows him the little bell, and so Popo says he'll test him now. "You have match with Mister Popo. If you beat Mister Popo, you can meet Kami-sama." Gokuu thinks this'll be simple, and says to hurry it up. "You first human to come here. Test be fun."

Gokuu starts things off by leaving an afterimage, but Popo just throws a punch out and hits Gokuu in the face. "Ah! Success." Gokuu wasn't expecting this, and tells Popo to get ready this time. Gokuu rushes at him, saying it'll be over with this one hit, but Popo just nonchalantly throws out another punch. "Success again. You not strong. Weak. You really defeated Piccolo Daimaou?" Gokuu gets pissed at being called weak, and decides to get serious. "Really? I'm glad."

Gokuu comes at Popo with a kick, but Popo vanishes, then appears behind Gokuu and kicks him. Gokuu flies towards a tree, then swings around it and flies at Popo with another kick. But, Popo catches his leg, then throws him across the floor. "Mister Popo disappointed." Gokuu gets pissed at being called weak again, and rushes at Popo, but Popo blocks all of his punches. Then Gokuu swipes at him, but Popo flies up over it and floats in the air. "Testing you is pointless. Go home."








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