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Chapter 166

Sorezore no Saikai

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #16
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 14
Kanzenban: 12


It's pouring rain outside of the Tenkaichi Budoukai grounds, and Kamesennin and Good Lunch stand with an umbrella, thinking the others are late. Then a taxi pulls up, and Blooma (with shoulder length hair now), Oolong, and Puer all get out. Kamesennin is amazed at the woman Blooma's become, and she elbows him in the face for touching her ass. Kamesennin thinks her personality hasn't matured, and Blooma says it's the same with him.

Kamesennin asks why Yamcha's not with them, and Puer and Oolong explain that he left West City to train by himself. Kamesennin says Kuririn did the same, influenced by Gokuu's absence. "Ossu!" Kamesennin asks Blooma if she knows this tall dude in the turban, but she doesn't. "It's real good to see you alive, Gramps! Everyone else also looks healthy! Where's Kuririn and Yamcha and Tenshinhan and everyone? Are they already in the preliminaries hall?"

Blooma: C-could...
GOOD Lunch: Could this...
Puer & OOLONG: Gokuu!?

Gokuu (who's all grown up now!) thinks it should be pretty obvious, and he gets excited when the rain stops. Gokuu realizes this thing on his head must make it hard to tell, and so he takes off the turban and says it must be unmistakable now (with his silly hair showing). Gokuu thinks Blooma and Kamesennin Grandpa have shrunk, but Blooma tells him he's just gotten huge. Gokuu says his hair hasn't grown, though.

Gokuu asks Blooma if she has a disease because her lips are red, and she yells at him that it's lipstick. And then four more show up together: Yamcha, with long hair again (yes!) and some scars on his face; Kuririn, a little taller, but not nearly as big as Yamcha or Tenshinhan; and Tenshinhan and Chaozu are the same, wearing the same dressy outfits as they did to the last Budoukai, but instead of tsuru, they have ten ("heavens") and gyou ("gyouza"), respectively.

Yamcha doesn't think much of their reaction (Blooma and everyone's a bit underwhelmed), and Kuririn thinks they must just be surprised at how they've all changed. (But actually, they're just more taken with Gokuu's arrival.) Kuririn tells Mutenroushi-sama to look at how he's grown, and then Gokuu tells Kuririn he seems healthy. Gokuu says everyone's here now, and Kuririn asks if that's really him. Then Kuririn runs over and hugs Gokuu, crying, and Yamcha and Tenshinhan are surprised that's really him.

Some time passes, and a dude with a megaphone says for the participants to head to the competitor hall. Gokuu asks Kamesennin about giving them dougi, and Kamesennin tells him that since they're all doing fine walking their own path, there's no need for them to wear the Kamesen-Style's dougi. Then they all prepare to leave, but first, Tenshinhan leans over and asks Mutenroushi-sama if he'll be competing this time. Kamesennin whispers that he'll pass, since he can't compete with these guys anymore. Blooma thinks Son-kun has grown up really well, and Oolong thinks she's a bimbo.

Inside, Kuririn has changed into a Kame dougi he had made at dougi shop, and Yamcha says they've thought alike, as he's wearing one as well. And Gokuu too, and then Yamcha asks him about his tail. Gokuu says Kami-sama took it because he wanted to restore the destroyed moon. For some reason, his tail was interfering with that... Then Gokuu feels something, and Yamcha and Kuririn wonder what's up. Gokuu has spotted this green dude with pointy ears, a turban, and a mantle -- Piccolo's offspring, and he's already grown to adult size. Yamcha and Kuririn asks Gokuu if they know this dude, but Tenshinhan recognizes him.








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