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Chapter 168

8勝者 決定!!
Hasshousha Kettei!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #18
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 14
Kanzenban: 12


Gokuu can't believe this, and Tenshinhan says how he's supposed to be dead. Taopaipai says he doesn't die so easily, and explains that he was revived, though it took a while. (About six years...) Kuririn asks Gokuu who this is, so Gokuu explains that he's a hitman, as well as Tsurusennin's little brother. So, he's like Tenshinhan and Chaozu's senpai, and Gokuu was sure he'd defeated him. Taopaipai says he used all the money he's earned to be revived as a cyborg, as well as getting his power increased exponentially.

Taopaipai doesn't care about about winning the Budoukai, he just wants to take the life of Son Gokuu. And after that, Tenshinhan, who's apparently betrayed them for the Kamesen-Style. Tenshinhan says he hasn't taken up the Kamesen-Style, he's just realized their teachings were no good. Tenshinhan tells him they'll fight, and Taopaipai thinks it'll be fun.

Piccolo's offspring wins a match by flicking this dude, and Kuririn says a lot of really amazing people have gathered this time. Gokuu thinks that this offspring has surpassed the previous Piccolo. Then, Gokuu has another match, and he easily wins it, so #2 places in the finals. Then #35 (Tenshinhan), #16 (Kuririn), #22 (Yamcha), and #51 (Piccolo's offspring) each place as well. Taopaipai has apparently also placed, and then the cute girl from before, #59, wins her match. Gokuu thinks she does seem a bit familiar.

Now there's only one match left. The two contestants are this masked fat dude, and a nerd. The nerd charges at the fat dude, and trips and falls on his face, just missing a punch from the fat dude. The nerd gets back up, and accidentally headbutts the fat dude in the face for a knockout. So, the nerd, #70, places. Announcer then calls the eight finalists over for the lottery.

The fat dude, meanwhile, takes off his hood, revealing that he's... Yajirobe! Yajirobe thinks that nerd wasn't just a clumsy bastard, then gets changed and leaves with his stuff. Announcer (who now has a little mustache) is prepared to start the lottery, and then he screams when he sees Kuririn. Announcer starts praying, so Kuririn tells him he's not a ghost, he was returned to life. And so, the numbers were drawn, and Announcer makes up the chart. The Match-Ups! (Anonymous Hopeful is the cute girl, Ma Junior is Piccolo's offspring, and Shen is the nerd.)








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