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Chapter 179

Futatsu no Jakuten

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #29
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 15
Kanzenban: 12


Tenshinhan thinks he's talking crap, and then tells Gokuu this next attack will give him the victory. The four Tenshinhans each get in one corner again, and then fire four blasts at Gokuu again. And Gokuu jumps up over it again, and a Tenshinhan yells out that he can't escape his/their twelve eyes. Before the Tenshinhans can use that eye blast thing again, Gokuu uses Taiyouken, blinding everyone but the sunglasses-wearing Announcer and Kamesennin.

Gokuu comes back down to the ring, and tells the Tenshinhans that's the first weakness -- his/their eyes are TOO good. He/they see an opponent's movements with just his/their eyes, so without them, he's no good. A Tenshinhan says it's the same with him, but Gokuu giggles and says it ain't. "The Tenshinhan behind me plans to hit me with a right chop." Gokuu explains that he learned that in his training, not relying on his eyes to see.

Gokuu then brings up the second weakness, saying becoming four was a mistake. Gokuu charges at one Tenshinhan, hitting him in the chest, then he runs around the ring hitting the second, third, and finally a fourth, and they all four fly outta the ring. Gokuu says how since he divided into four people with one person's power, their attacks, defense, and speed would also be divided by four. So, now, Gokuu is moving on to the finals...








  1. Incomplete
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