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Chapter 181

Kami no Gosan

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #31
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 16
Kanzenban: 13


Shen thinks of how he's borrowing a weak human's body, and Piccolo asks aloud about borrowing a human's body. Then Shen says, in some weird language, how Piccolo can read minds, and then Piccolo says, in same language, how he now knows who he really is. (They keep talking in this language for a while.) Piccolo asks what the hell Kami wants here in the lower world, and Shen says he shouldn't have to say (should be obvious).

Piccolo laughs about him thinking he could beat him, Piccolo-sama, and thinks Kami's lost his mind. If one dies, the other dies. Shen says he doesn't mind that, and Piccolo can't believe he'd actually commit suicide. Shen says there's nothing to worry about, as he's taught a human to take his place. Then he pulls a little bottle out of his shirt pocket, and places it on the ground. (Here the weird language stops.)

Piccolo freaks out, as this bottle can obviously serve as a Denshi Jar, and Shen announces Mafuuba. Magic stuff swirls its way towards Piccolo, but Piccolo smirks, and then announces his Mafuuba Gaeshi. The magic stuff instead swirls back towards Shen, and then Kami-sama flies out of the human's body. Kami-sama yells out to Son to not worry about him dying, just rid the world of Piccolo. And then Piccolo directs Kami-sama into the little bottle, and runs over and plugs the top in. Piccolo smirks and holds the bottle as everyone looks on in shock.








  1. Incomplete
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