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Chapter 185


Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #35
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 16
Kanzenban: 13


"Ka...me...ha...me..." Kamesennin then yells out at Gokuu to wait; if he kills that guy, Kami-sama also dies. Gokuu then stops, and gets pissed at not knowing what to do. Piccolo then says he's gonna wipe out everyone with this next attack, and make this world into a living hell. Gokuu yells up at Piccolo, who's powering up, to not be a coward, and come down and fight him, the others ain't involved.

Then Piccolo prepares to launch his attack, and everyone thinks it's over. Until Kuririn yells out to Gokuu that they can revive Kami-sama with the Dragon Balls, so he can go ahead with that Choukamehameha. Piccolo yells down that Shenlong died three years ago, and fires his huge blast down towards the ring. Gokuu yells up that Shenlong was revived, and, "Haaaaa!!!!!"

Gokuu's Choukamehameha flies up at Piccolo's blast, and overpowers it, then heads towards Piccolo. Piccolo shields himself, and it's a direct hit. But, Piccolo is still alive, though his clothes are pretty tore up (no more turban), and he's pissed.








  1. Incomplete
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