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Chapter 187

ピッコロ大魔王 超巨身術
Pikkoro Daimaou Choukyoshinjutsu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #37
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 16
Kanzenban: 13


Gokuu thinks this large size is no biggie, and so Piccolo fires a mouth blast down at him. Gokuu dodges it by running though Piccolo's legs, then he jumps up and kicks the back of Piccolo's leg. Piccolo loses his balance, and starts to fall down back first, but he catches himself by placing his hands down on the ring. Gokuu then grabs one of his fingers, and slams the giant Piccolo overhead by it!

Kamesennin asks Kuririn if he's noticed that even having used that tremendous Kamehameha, Gokuu's physical strength hasn't gone down at all. Piccolo gets back to his feet, and Gokuu yells up at him that even if he got much, much larger, he still wouldn't be much trouble. Piccolo hints that he can get even bigger, and Gokuu can't believe it.

Before, Gokuu reached Piccolo's ankles, but now he's barely level with Piccolo's toes! Piccolo laughs maniacally about his assured victory, but then Gokuu thinks Piccolo's right where he wants him. Gokuu jumps way up to Piccolo's face, then fires a Kamehameha out, projecting himself into Piccolo's mouth. Piccolo gags and chokes, and then finally spits Gokuu out. Gokuu then tosses something over to Tenshinhan -- the bottle with Kami-sama. So, Tenshinhan pops it open, and out pops Kami-sama.








  1. Incomplete
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