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Chapter 189

大魔王 最後の賭け!!
Daimaou Saigo no Kake!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #39
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 16
Kanzenban: 13


Gokuu easily gets back up, and says Piccolo's punch wasn't all that effective. Kami-sama tells Gokuu he'll regret it if they don't, but Gokuu insists he'd regret it more if he does. Tenshinhan and Kuririn agree, since Gokuu has already saved the world once. Kami-sama then relents, and Piccolo thinks Gokuu's talking crap if he thinks he can win.

Piccolo gets pissed, yelling how he's leveled up a lot since three years ago. And Gokuu says he's gotten just a little stronger than Piccolo's level. Piccolo then fires off a huge blast at Gokuu. Gokuu sidesteps it, but the blast comes after Gokuu, and so Gokuu hits the air to avoid it. Piccolo laughs and says running away is pointless, it'll follow him wherever he goes.

So, Gokuu comes back down to the ring, and then runs over in front of Piccolo, then quickly gets away, and Piccolo takes his own blast head on. Piccolo's left arm is completely useless now, and Gokuu thinks he should just give in. Instead, though, Piccolo rips his arm off, and then starts powering up, until a new arm grows out! Piccolo starts powering up for something great, and so Gokuu yells at everyone to run away.








  1. Incomplete
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