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Chapter 191

Ten Kaunto

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #41
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 16
Kanzenban: 13


Gokuu tells Piccolo he's used up all of his ki with that, and so now the victory is Gokuu's. Gokuu charges up a bit, and then rushes towards Piccolo. Gokuu elbows him in the face, then kicks him in the face, and Piccolo coughs up some blood. Then Gokuu delivers a hard punch to the gut, then heads into the air. "Ka! Me!! Ha!!! Me!!!! Haaaaaa!!!!!" Gokuu fires the huge Kamehameha down at Piccolo, and it's a direct hit.

Gokuu touches back down in the ring (there's no more tiles, but the ring area is still obvious because the ground is higher than the surrounding dirt), standing next to the big crater he's made, with Piccolo down in the center. "Referee Uncle, count!" Announcer runs over to make the count, asking if Piccolo's dead. But he's obviously not, since Kami-sama's still alive. Everyone thinks it's over, until Piccolo sits up at the count of nine, and fires a mouth blast up at Gokuu, going through his shoulder.








  1. Incomplete
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