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Chapter 193

Tenkaichi Budoukai no Chouten!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #43
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 17
Kanzenban: 13


Piccolo's blast keeps coming down at the immobile Gokuu, and the few remaining spectators all freak out. Boom! The blast hits the ground, and there's a large explosion. When the smoke clears, there's just another crater in the remains of the ring. (Actually, the old crater is gone, so this one either overlapped it, or it's an inconsistency.) The crater is completely empty, and Piccolo comes back down to the ground, celebrating Son Gokuu's death, thinking he's turned to dust.

Gokuu's friends're all pissed/upset, as Piccolo continues celebrating his victory. But then Kuririn notices something, and asks Tenshinhan-san what he sees with his great vision. Tenshinhan spots something -- Gokuu, up in the air, a ways off. Gokuu is flying towards Piccolo (towards his back), and Tenshinhan shouts out that it's Bukuujutsu. Gokuu continues darting towards Piccolo, and finally connects with a headbutt to Piccolo's gut.

Piccolo is thrown off a distance, coughing up blood, and then he and Gokuu each hit the ground. Gokuu asks Announcer if that isn't a ringout for Piccolo, and Announcer looks over and sees that it is. "It's Son-senshu's win!!!! Son Gokuu-senshu has won the Tenkaichi Budoukai!!!!!" And then Gokuu's friends begin to celebrate as they run over towards him, lying beaten up and bloody in what used to be the ring.








  1. Incomplete
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