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Chapter 198

Kyoutsuu no Taiteki

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #48
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 17
Kanzenban: 14


Raditz repeats his request to Gokuu to kill a hundred Earthlings, and if he doesn't, he'll kill his son. Gokuu can barely move, and Kuririn calls Raditz a coward. Raditz says something about this planet being the next target, and explains about the hundred humans again, and Gokuu weakly asks to return his kid. And, Piccolo is watching on, pissed, from the back of the house. Then Raditz takes off, saying tomorrow will be fun, as Gohan cries for Father, and Gokuu lies on the beach unable to do anything.

Gokuu curses the situation, then calls for Kintoun. But Kuririn and Kamesennin object, asking if he really thinks he can win. Gokuu weakly stands, and says how that dude's tail is his weak point, he loses all his strength. But, Gokuu doesn't think he can do it alone. Kuririn and Kamesennin volunteer to fight, but Gokuu explains that Kami-sama had said Shenlong can't grant the same wish twice. In other words, if they die again, they'll stay dead. Gokuu asks if they'll help anyway, and they agree to. (Kuririn thinks to himself how he'd wanted to get married.)

Blooma then suggests they use the Dragon Balls to get rid of Raditz, but Kamesennin doubts they could gather all of them in one day. Then Gokuu asks Blooma if she has the Dragon Radar, and she remembers how Gohan-kun had a Dragon Ball on his hat as she gets it out. Raditz is moving at incredible speed, until he finally stops. Thankfully, he didn't go back out into outer space. They prepare to head off, when Piccolo shows himself.

Gokuu asks what he's doing here, as Blooma crawls away in horror. Piccolo explains how he's already met that dude, and that those two (Kuririn and Kamesennin) are no good. The way to beat him is for the two of them to team up -- Son Gokuu and Piccolo Daimaou. Gokuu asks Piccolo if he's suddenly had a change of heart, but Piccolo explains that this dude is in the way of his plans for world domination. So, they agree to work together. For now. Gokuu asks Blooma for the Radar, then he hops on Kintoun and asks Piccolo if he'll be able to keep up. Then the two of them zoom off, and Kamesennin thinks those two just might be able to win. Then he asks Blooma if she remembers the location the Radar put out, so they can go as well.








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