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Chapter 203

孫悟空 最後の手段!!
Son Gokuu Saigo no Shudan!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #53
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 17
Kanzenban: 14


Gohan busts up outta the space ship, really pissed, and with tears streaming down his face. Gokuu yells at him to run away, while Raditz freaks out that his eye thing gets a 1307 from the brat. "Don't hurt Father!!!!!" Gohan then flies at Raditz and headbutts him in the chest, cracking his armor. Gohan then returns to normal as Raditz is left reeling, and walks over to Gokuu, who once again tells him to run away. Raditz says now Gohan's Battle Power has gone down to just 1, then he smacks Gohan away.

He prepares to go finish Gohan off, and Gokuu pleads against it. But Raditz ignores him and walks off. Gokuu then jumps up and gets behind Raditz, locking him in a Full Nelson position. "Pi-Piccolo, hurry up and use that technique...!!" Raditz says he can't do much to break free because of the brat's attack from before. He yells at Cacarrot to let go, or else they'll both die, but Gokuu isn't concerned with that. Piccolo is more than happy to kill Son Gokuu along with him, and think of how his friends'll probably wish him back with the Dragon Balls.

Raditz tries to plead with Gokuu about how he was bad and he'll leave again, but Gokuu won't fall for it this time. "Makankousappou!!!" Piccolo then fires the Makankousappou straight through both Raditz and Gokuu.








  1. Incomplete
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