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Chapter 208

Mangetsu no Dekigoto

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #8
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 18
Kanzenban: 14


There's a full moon out, and Gohan is sleeping atop his random mountain thing. Piccolo is also sleeping, while sitting Indian style, and floating mid-air. Gohan then wakes up to take a piss, and then worries about how he'll eventually get down from here. Then he wonders why it's so bright out at night, and turns around and looks at the moon-san. This is his first time seeing a full one. And then he gets the look in his eyes like Gokuu used to, and begins transforming... Oozaru Gohan is too big to stand atop this random mountain thing, and so he falls to the ground.

Piccolo freaks out as Gohan then smashes the remains of the mountain, and fires a huge mouth blast off into the distance. He thinks the Earth will be destroyed before the Saiyans even get here, and then remembers what Raditz said to Gokuu about full moon transformations, and so he decides to take out the moon. Boom! Gohan then returns to normal, and falls asleep naked on the ground. Piccolo starts thinking about the strength of these Saiyans, and then realizes the tails are also needed for transformation.

So, Piccolo pulls the tail off, and then decides to make Gohan a sword, and an outfit just like his father's. Well, with the ma kanji instead of kame. In six months he'll get special Hell training from Piccolo-sama. He's gonna make him into one of the Demon Tribe. Then he flies off and leaves Gohan to sleep peacefully. And Gokuu is also sleeping peacefully on Snake Road.








  1. Incomplete
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