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Chapter 214

Bejiita no Geemu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #14
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 18
Kanzenban: 15


Piccolo asks them what the hell they want, and Vegeta recognizes his voice as the one who killed Raditz. Piccolo wonders about this, and Vegeta explains about the eye things also being a corresponder thing. Nappa asks Vegeta if Piccolo isn't a Nameckian, and Kuririn and Gohan ask him if he's also an alien. Vegeta says how he's heard Nameckians have strange abilities and can use magic and stuff, so he must be the one who made these Dragon Ball things.

Kuririn wonders how they know about the Dragon Balls, and then Piccolo thanks them for the tale about his past, but he wasn't the one who made the Dragon Balls. Piccolo then prepares for them to attack. Up at God's Palace, Kami-sama says he didn't know he was an alien. He always did think he was a little different from everyone else, though. He had created the Dragon Balls, but perhaps someone else on Planet Nameck had created something like the Dragon Balls. He doesn't seem to remember.

Nappa says that since he won't tell them about the Dragon Balls, he'll force him to say it. Nappa reads off their Battle Powers (Kuririn - 981, Piccolo - 1220, Gohan - 1083), and can't believe they plan to oppose them at such low levels. Vegeta then tells Nappa to remove his Scouter, which must be the eye thing. These dudes can change their Battle Powers, so the numbers are no good. Nappa thinks that weakling Raditz had relied on his Scouter's figures too much. Kuririn and Piccolo can't believe that they called Raditz a weakling.

Vegeta tells Nappa to plant six Saibaimen, and Nappa says Vegeta really likes to play. Nappa pulls a little bottle out of his ass or something, and then plants the six little seeds in the ground right there. Then he pours some liquid from the bottle to make them sprout right away. Six freaky little plant monster dudes emerge, and Vegeta tells them to attack the three over there. But then Tenshinhan and Chaozu show up, followed shortly by Yamcha. Vegeta thinks it'll be fun with six Saibaimen vs six of them now. "It's a game!"

Piccolo gets pissed that he thinks this is a game and wants them to stop screwing around, and Kuririn tries to tell him to let it alone. Tenshinhan volunteers to go first, and Vegeta sends out a Saibaiman. The Saibaiman rushes at him, but Tenshinhan just blows it back. Tenshinhan comes at it, but the Saibaiman then splits its head open and shoots out some liquid stuff. Tenshinhan easily avoids it, and Kuririn and Piccolo just barely get out of the way before the stuff burns through the ground like acid. Tenshinhan then gets in a quick elbow to the face, and knocks the Saibaiman out. Nappa freaks out, but Vegeta thinks this will definitely be fun.








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