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Chapter 217

Isoge! Son Gokuu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #17
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 19
Kanzenban: 15


The earth shakes as Nappa continues powering up, and then he rushes forward. Towards Tenshinhan, and so Tenshinhan holds up his arm to block the coming punch. And Nappa punches his forearm clear off! Tenshinhan screams with pain, and then flies into the air before Nappa can finish him off. Tenshinhan prepares to launch something down at Nappa, but in a flash Nappa gets up in the air beside him and kicks him down into the ground. Chaozu is really worried, and Kuririn gets pissed and prepares to attack Nappa, despite Piccolo's objections.

Nappa then waves his hand and blows a huge hole in the ground. Piccolo says he can't even see the bottom, and can't believe that energy wave. Kuririn then freaks out, because Chaozu's nowhere to be seen. Vegeta then yells up at Nappa to look behind him, as Chaozu clamps onto Nappa's back. Nappa tries to swat him off, but he can't. Tenshinhan yells at him to get away, but then Chaozu telepathically tells him, "Goodbye, Ten-san... Please, don't die." Tenshinhan realizes what this means, and yells to stop. With a tear in his eye, Chaozu self-destructs. Tenshinhan gets pissed and screams, "Chaozuuuuuu!!!!!" Piccolo thinks the little dude did well, but then when the smoke clears, Nappa is practically unscathed.








  1. Incomplete
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