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Chapter 234

Dou Naru!? Genkidama!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #34
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 20
Kanzenban: 16


Gokuu continues gathering genki for the Genkidama, and then notices Vegeta's eyesight is beginning to return, but thinks he can't find him so easily at this distance. Vegeta's really pissed, and can't see him, but then he notices Gokuu. Gokuu realizes he's been found, but thinks there's still time before he arrives. And finally Gokuu's done it, gathered all of the Earth's genki. "Take this!!!!!" Vegeta suddenly fires a huge mouthblast at Gokuu, causing a huge explosion and blowing up the random mountain thing Gokuu was standing on.

Yajirobe is blown away, and Gohan and Kuririn continue flying back towards the battlefield. Gokuu hadn't counted on an attack like that, and says all his work on the Genkidama has gone to nothing. Gokuu's left shoulder is busted up, and think it's all over. Vegeta stomps over towards him, and then prepares to step on him. Gokuu just barely jumps up outta the way, and Vegeta swats him into a random mountain thing, then he falls to the ground. Gokuu can barely move now, and Vegeta starts stepping on him.

Gohan and Kuririn continues towards the battlefield, and notice Gokuu's ki is getting smaller. Vegeta lifts his foot up, and then starts lecturing Cacarrot. Gokuu lies there, thinking this is the end, and then Vegeta prepares to smush Gokuu down with one of his fingers. But Gokuu suddenly fires a one-handed Kamehameha right up into Vegeta's right eye. Gokuu says he has no strength left at all, and tells Vegeta to do as he likes. Vegeta's eye is messed up now, and bleeding. He's seriously pissed about Cacarrot damaging his face, and then picks him up in his hands and begins to squeeze him.








  1. Incomplete
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