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Chapter 278

孫悟飯 死す!?
Son Gohan Shisu!?

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #28
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 24
Kanzenban: 19


Freeza says this is the birth of the eternal ruler of the universe. "Now, Dragon Balls!! Bestow upon me, Freeza-sama, eternal life and youth!!!" But...nothing happens. Ginyuu wonders if he doesn't already have immortality, but Freeza doesn't think so. Then Freeza remembers one of the elders told him that even if he gathered all of them, he wouldn't be able to make a wish. Freeza thinks there must be a secret or something that only the Nameckians would know to get a wish granted. "A password!? A certain place!? Or maybe the arrangement of the balls...!?" Freeza remembers he'd killed almost all of the Nameckians, but all he needs is one to tell him, and checks his Scouter. First he finds Vegeta and everyone, and wonders if maybe they know, and Ginyuu prepares to tell his subordinates not to kill them. But then Freeza picks up two Nameckians at Point 8829401, with one more elsewhere. Freeza tells Ginyuu-san to stay here and watch over the Dragon Balls, and hops in his little pod thing and flies off.

Reacum fires a whole mess of blasts at Gohan, and Gohan only just manages to avoid it. Then Reacum punches him and sends him flying. Gohan just barely manages to get back to his feet, as Kuririn weakly tells him to stay down. Gohan then says that he's Son Gokuu's son, but Reacum doesn't know what he's talking about. Gohan then charges at him, but Reacum just laughs. As Gohan nears him, Reacum does a flip and kicks Gohan in the neck, breaking it. Gohan falls to the ground, and Jeese and Butta note he no longer has a Battle Power. Reacum is disappointed in these scum, and then he and the others notice a ship landing a little ways away. Gokuu's ship.








  1. Incomplete
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