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Chapter 280

Suupaa Saiyajin!?

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #30
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 24
Kanzenban: 19


Reacum thinks this dude is weird for laughing when he's going to be killed, but Gokuu tells him he can't win. Reacum thinks that's hilarious, and Kuririn says Gokuu never used to be one to bluff like that. Vegeta then says, "Could it be... No... Such a thing is impossible... That bastard low-class senshi Cacarrot...couldn't have become a legendary Super Saiyan...!! Super Saiyan appear once every one thousand years... Any fighting genius Saiyan who overcomes the unsurpassable wall... But, that's just supposed to be a stupid legend... Even if the legend was true, the only one who should be able to become a Super Saiyan is me." Reacum is going to shut Gokuu up now, and prepares his attack. "Ginyuu Special-Squad!! Reacum... Mach... Attaaaaaaaack!!!" Reacum then rushes at Gokuu, but Gokuu moves at the last second, and Reacum hits nothing. Everyone wonders where he went, and then Jeese and Butta notice Gokuu is now right behind them.

Then Gokuu goes back over near Reacum, and Kuririn notes that Vegeta was the only one who even noticed Gokuu's movements. Reacum is still not worried, however, and now prepares to finish off the four of them. "Reacum... Ultra... Fighting..." Gokuu then flies in and elbows Reacum in the stomach while he powers up, and Reacum slowly doubles over and falls to the ground. Kuririn, Gohan, Jeese, and Butta can't believe this. Vegeta, however, "Damn him... That was no ordinary attack... My eyes weren't deceived... That was an absurdly severe strike... He's evidently overcome a Saiyan's fighting level... He's a completely different person than I fought on Earth... What the hell kind of practice has he had... Was the legend true...!? Is he a Super Saiyan...!?"








  1. Incomplete
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