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Chapter 288

悟空か!? ギニューか!?
Gokuu ka!? Ginyuu ka!?

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #38
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 24
Kanzenban: 20


'Gokuu' and Jeese wonder what's going on with the Dragon Balls being dug up, and then Kuririn comes running out of hiding. He figures Gokuu defeated that Ginyuu dude and his henchman is on their side now. 'Gokuu' asks how he knew where the Dragon Balls were, and Kuririn tells him with the Dragon Radar, of course. 'Gokuu' figures they've made a wish, but Kuririn explains that Shenlong wouldn't come out. 'Gokuu' is glad to hear that. Kuririn says Gokuu's acting kinda weird, and asks why he's wearing a Scouter. Gohan then yells out, "Kuririn-san!!!! That's not Father!!!!" But too late, 'Gokuu' knocks Kuririn in the face and sends him back a bit. Kuririn wonders what's going on, and Gohan insists that it isn't Father, though he doesn't know how. 'Gokuu' explains that they've switched bodies, and he poses with Jeese and says, "That's right!!! It's me, the commander of the Ginyuu Special-Squad, Ginyuu-sama!!!" 'Gokuu' then decides to show off his incredible 180,000+ power, as Kuririn thinks Gokuu's been hypnotized. Then 'Gokuu' charges at them.

'Ginyuu' is trying to hurry to reach Kuririn and Gohan, but he ain't used to this body. But then he realizes, "Since I ain't used to this body, he must also not be used to my body!" 'Gokuu' then kicks at Kuririn and Gohan, and they both jump out of the way. Then he punches at them, and they both keep trying to block it, and Vegeta seems to thinks Cacarrot isn't fighting at full power. Kuririn and Gohan continue holding him off, while Jeese points out that 'Ginyuu' has arrived. 'Ginyuu' explains that that dude ain't him, and they switched bodies, and Kuririn and Gohan realize it must be true. He tells them it's Ginyuu, and they should be able to defeat him as they are now. 'Gokuu' says there's no way he can lose in this body, and 'Ginyuu' says he'll find out soon. He doesn't know how to use Kaiouken, and spirit and body need to be one, so he can't use all of his power. 'Gokuu' thinks he's talking crap, and starts to power up, and then asks Jeese what his Battle Power is. 23,000. 'Gokuu' can't believe this, as Kuririn knocks him down towards the ground. 'Gokuu' then tells Jeese to help fight, until Vegeta shows up behind Jeese and says, "Your opponent is me!" 'Ginyuu' seems glad to see Vegeta.








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