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Chapter 290

Ginyuu Yabureru!!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #40
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 25
Kanzenban: 20


Vegeta dives straight down towards 'Gokuu', and then 'Gokuu' smirks and yells, "CHAAAAAAAAANGE!!!!!" But then 'Ginyuu' realizes he can return to normal, and then flies over and just barely gets in the way of the big flash of light shooting up at Vegeta. And now, Gokuu is Gokuu and Ginyuu is Ginyuu again. Ginyuu is pissed that Gokuu got in the way. Gokuu laughs and says he hurts, but he's back to his old self. The other three wonder what just happened, until Gohan realizes that Father has his own body back. Ginyuu thinks that he'll definitely exchange bodies with Vegeta this time, and there should be no more interruptions. Gokuu says he's too damaged to move, and is worried about if Ginyuu gets Vegeta's body this time. Vegeta isn't sure which is Ginyuu, as Ginyuu laughs and prepares to use his technique again. Gokuu then spots a frog and gets an idea, just before Ginyuu yells "CHAAAAAAAANGE!!!!!" Gokuu throws the frog over into the big flash of light shooting up towards Vegeta, and so the two of them switch bodies.

Vegeta wonders what just happened, as Ginyuu gets a blank expression and then hops away on all fours. Gokuu and Kuririn then fly down to the ground and help Gokuu up and ask if he's okay. He says Vegeta really beat up his body, and then Vegeta says to explain what just happened to Ginyuu. Gokuu says the one who just ran away was the frog, and the frog-looking one over there is Ginyuu. Vegeta says he doesn't quite understand it, but says he'll squash the frog. Gokuu says to leave him alone, he can't do anything else, and Vegeta decides to let him go after all, and Ginyuu hops away. Kuririn asks Gokuu if he has anymore Senzu, but he doesn't, and Vegeta laughs about how pathetic they are right now. Kuririn starts to get angry, but Gokuu says Vegeta won't kill them. Vegeta says that's right, he'll need them to fight Freeza, especially Cacarrot. Then he says Cacarrot needs medical treatment, and tells them to bring him in the ship. Vegeta thinks he won't need them anymore after Freeza is defeated, as Gokuu sits in one of those healing pods, a Medical Machine. Kuririn wonders if he won't drown in there, as Gokuu thinks it feels good. Vegeta then looks at the other two and tells them they need some battle wear. Kuririn wonders what he means, and Gohan thinks it'll be bad for their image.








  1. Incomplete
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