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Chapter 292

Ide yo Honba no Shenlong!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #42
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 25
Kanzenban: 20


Kuririn explains that he was on his way to see Eldest, since they couldn't make a wish even though they have all the Dragon Balls. Dende says they thought so, so that's why Eldest sent him to tell them how. If you don't say it in Nameck, your wish won't be granted. Dende says they should hurry, as Eldest-sama's life is almost over, and Freeza is on his way. Back at the spaceship, Gohan thinks it will take Kuririn-san two hours to get to Eldest-san's place and back, as Vegeta naps under the ship. Gohan then feels something coming. It's not Freeza, but two ki. One of the ki disappears, so it must be Kuririn-san. And the other is Dende-kun. They reach Gohan, and explain that Dende was already on his way with the necessary knowledge. Kuririn asks about Vegeta, and Gohan says he's resting since he hasn't slept since he's been on this planet.

Kuririn is glad to hear that, and says they should take this opportunity to move the Dragon Balls and call Shenlong from somewhere he won't notice. The three of them then collect all the Dragon Balls and fly a short distance away. Gohan suddenly notices something approaching them at incredible speed, and Kuririn realizes it's Freeza, and tells Dende to hurry. Dende then chants "Takkaraputo Popporunga Pupirittoparo", and the Dragon Balls start to glow. The sky then turns black, as a huge light starts to shoot up from the Dragon Balls. Freeza stops mid-air and wonders why it's suddenly night, as everyone on Kaiou-sama's planet celebrates that they're finally getting the wish granted.

And the dragon has appeared, a huuuuuuuuge dragon with a muscular upper body. Kuririn says he's much larger than Earth's dragon, and shaped differently. Gohan wonders if that's Shenlong, and Dende explains that here he's called Porunga, which means "god of dreams". This is also Dende's first time seeing him. "Thou who hast collected all seven Dragon Balls, speak thy wish. I shall grant you any three wishes within my abilities." Kuririn can't believe he said three, and thinks the home Shenlong is really something. Dende then says to hurry up before Freeza or Vegeta get here. "F-first, please return to life all of the people on Earth killed by the Saiyans!!" Dende repeats it in Nameck. "That is a wish that cannot be granted. The number of people I am able to return to life is only one." Kuririn and Gohan can't believe this, as Kaiou-sama relays this to everyone on his planet. Piccolo then asks to be allowed to speak to Gohan.








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