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Chapter 294

Saigo no Negai

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #44
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 25
Kanzenban: 20


"This is Planet Nameck... Yeah... I feel strangely attached to this place... Perhaps it's the Nameckian blood flowing within me making me feel like that... Oh! This is no time to be sentimental. I must search for Gohan... Where am I? Damnit... They don't seem to be around here." And then he feels an incredibly huge ki, and realizes it must be that Freeza monster. Near him is three other huge ki, which must be Gohan and everyone. And so he quickly flies off. "The third, final wish still has not been made. Now, speak thy wish." Vegeta grabs Dende and yells at him to hurry up and make him immortal, unless he wants to be killed by Freeza. Then Kuririn yells at Dende to grant Vegeta's wish; Vegeta may be really bad, but Freeza is much worse. Dende agrees to do it, as Vegeta thinks of how great it will be when he becomes the ruler of all the universe.

But just before Dende says the wish, Porunga disappears, the sky turns normal, and the Dragon Balls turn to stone. Vegeta wonders why the hell this just happened, and Dende sadly says Eldest-sama has passed away, and he was the creator of the Dragon Balls, so... Vegeta is really pissed, especially at the other two for tricking him. But then they all stop, and notice Freeza is standing atop a small random mountain thing just near them. "You've sure done it, gentleman. You've done well in crushing my dreams of eternal youth and life. The five members of the Ginyuu Special-Squad's readings don't show up... Have you killed them? How you did that, I don't know, but this was a bit unexpected... Even so, in just a breath, the Dragon Balls have turned to stone... How unfortunate for Vegeta-san, but even moreso for me, isn't it..."

Freeza hops down to the ground, and says he didn't think it would come to this. Then he starts to get pissed, and threatens to kill them all. Then Vegeta dares Freeza to show his true form, and Freeza decides to do it after all, and begins powering up. Piccolo notices how ridiculously huge Freeza's ki is getting as he flies along, but then he halts when he feels a faint ki. He touches down right next to the beaten Nail, and says, "He's just like me... A Nameckian, huh?"








  1. Incomplete
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