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Chapter 299

Senshi no Fukkatsu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #49
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 25
Kanzenban: 20


Freeza continues stepping on Gohan's head, and asks Vegeta if he won't come to save him. Vegeta thinks to himself that he doesn't care about the brat, but Freeza's power is well beyond what he'd imagined. In the Medical Machine, Gokuu notices Gohan's ki is rapidly dropping, and he's dying, and thinks of how he has to wait until he's healed to help, and then he notices something. Freeza says this is the finish, but then stops and turns to look at something. He jumps off of Gohan, and suddenly a Kienzan comes at him and cuts off half of his tail. Freeza and Vegeta are shocked to see Kuririn is fully healed, with just the hole in his battle jacket. Freeza can't believe this, as Kuririn then launches a whole bunch of Kienzan at him. Gokuu notices Kuririn's ki is revived, and wonders how, as Freeza dodges everything.

Then Kuririn sticks his tongue out at Freeza, and Kuririn flies off with Freeza chasing him. Freeza then gets in front of Kuririn, and they both stop. "How you've been revived, I don't know, but... How dare you cut off the tail of Freeza-sama...!! This time, you won't be revived twice. I'll blow you to bits!!!!" Kuririn knows he can't stand up to Freeza, but at least he'll keep him busy for now. "Taiyouken!!!!" While Freeza is blinded, Kuririn yells at Vegeta to attack. But Vegeta is busy looking at Dende, who is healing Gohan. Vegeta realizes that's how the other one was healed also, as Kuririn asks Vegeta what he's doing. Vegeta is pissed they didn't tell him about the Nameckian brat having that ability, but Kuririn says they didn't know either until now, otherwise they'd've had him heal Gokuu. Gohan thanks Dende, and then heads into the air next to Vegeta and Kuririn. Vegeta thinks of how his Battle Power has gone up thanks to his Saiyan blood, as Freeza gets pissed that the other chibi is healed now too. Then everyone notices something coming. "Piccolo-san!!!!"








  1. Incomplete
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