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Chapter 304

Suupaa Saiyajin Soshite Suupaa Furiiza Tanjou!?

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #1·2
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 26
Kanzenban: 21


Gohan wonders why Kuririn-san attacked Vegeta, as Piccolo yells at him that they should get outta here. Gohan helps the injured Piccolo fly away, and then they land, and Gohan says Dende can fix him. Speaking of Dende, he tells Vegeta that he can't heal someone who's killed so many of his people. Vegeta weakly tells him that if he doesn't, they can't defeat Freeza. But then Dende flies off to help another person, and Vegeta falls to the ground. Kuririn and Gohan are on their way towards Dende I guess, and Kuririn is explaining to Gohan about how Saiyans greatly power up from near death recovery. Then they spot Dende going in the opposite direction, and notice Vegeta hasn't been healed. Freeza continues powering up, and watches as Dende heals Piccolo, realizing that was how they'd been doing that. Piccolo wonders if he also has this ability, but Dende says no, because he's a Fighting-Type.

Kuririn tells Dende he must heal Vegeta, but Dende refuses since he's the same as Freeza. Piccolo then asks him to, because he can't even beat Freeza as he is now. Then there's a huge explosion where Freeza is, and Piccolo realizes Freeza's transformation is complete. Kuririn thinks they should hide somewhere, but Piccolo says Freeza would just destroy the planet, since he has no use for it now. Piccolo is pissed about his ridiculously huge ki, Kuririn is worried, and Gohan asks Dende to heal Vegeta. Dende then flies off, as Freeza's figure starts to come into view through the smoke. And Vegeta is healed, and he shows his gratitude by kicking Dende. "Be thankful I didn't kill you!!" Vegeta notices Freeza's Battle Power, and figures he must finally be showing his true form. But Vegeta isn't worried, because he's a Super Saiyan now (or so he claims).

Freeza's final form is small, but smoothed out, and his tail has been healed. Kuririn isn't too worried the way Freeza looks now, but Piccolo says not to judge by outer appearance. "Damnit... After all of the troubles you went through to have a wish granted by the Dragon Balls... Sorry... I don't seem to be much help to you guys..." Then Freeza suddenly shoots a small one finger blast, which goes past Piccolo, past Kuririn, past Gohan, and past Vegeta. The four of them turn around to find Dende lying dead. Piccolo freaks out that he barely saw anything but a flash of light. "Now there can be no more revivals..." says Freeza.








  1. Incomplete
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