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Chapter 318

Densetsu no Suupaa Saiyajin

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #16
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 27
Kanzenban: 22


Freeza wonders about his different form, saying he'd thought that Saiyans only change into Oozaru. Gokuu yells at Gohan to hurry up, because if Piccolo dies, Kami-sama dies, and assures him that he'll return to Earth later. Gohan asks how, and Gokuu yells at him to stop talking stupid. Gohan carries Piccolo over his shoulders and flies away, saying, "Thank you, Father. Thank you." Freeza prepares to attack them, but Gokuu instantly appears next to Freeza and grabs Freeza's wrist. He says how Freeza kills one crime-free person after another, even Kuririn. Freeza gets his hand free, then backs off and wonders where he got such power. Meanwhile, Gohan says he understands. "What Vegeta said was true... Father was able to become one... A Super Saiyan!!"

Gokuu yells that he's pissed now, and flies over and punches Freeza in the face, sending him flying. Gokuu follows and pounds Freeza down into the ground. But Freeza recovers from the rubble, and joins Gokuu mid-air, asking if the Saiyans were free of crimes. "So you did destroy them..." Freeza says he did, he didn't like them. Gokuu says, "This time, I'll destroy you." Freeza laughs at this, and says there's no way he can win, even if he really has become a Super Saiyan. Then Freeza blasts Gokuu, following up with a bunch more large blasts. But when the smoke clears, Gokuu is perfectly fine, just his clothes a bit more tattered. "Even if you apologize, I won't forgive you." Then Gokuu hits Freeza telekinetically or something, but Freeza manages to catch himself. Freeza catches his breath, as Gokuu smirks.








  1. Incomplete
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