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Chapter 330

Furiiza Oyako Chikyuu ni Oritatsu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #29
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 28
Kanzenban: 23


Gohan flies through the air, wondering why such a thing is happening, and then he catches up to Kuririn. He asks Kuririn-san if he's also noticed, that there's another large ki just like Freeza. Kuririn says how could he not have noticed. In space, someone tells Kold Daiou-sama and Freeza-sama that they're touching down on Earth. Vegeta, out in an empty desert-type place with Yamcha, says this about the spot they'll be landing. Then they spot a little jetcopter thing coming in, Blooma with Puer. Yamcha asks what they're doing here, and Blooma wants to see Freeza, she didn't see him once on Planet Nameck. Yamcha says it's really dangerous, but that's exactly why she wants to see him. Something about how he'll probably blow up the Earth and it won't matter where she is anyway.

Tenshinhan and Chaozu then arrive, and Tenshinhan is pissed that Vegeta is still on Earth. Vegeta thinks he wants to say something, and Tenshinhan says, "What I want to say is, I think you're rotten... Anyhow, I was killed by you. I can't see how Yamcha can live with you." Yamcha says this isn't the place for that, and Tenshinhan asks if this is Freeza. Vegeta yells at them to hide their Battle Powers before they start talking, because they have Scouters. Vegeta also says the Nameckian is already doing that, and everyone spots Piccolo standing nearby. Then Gohan and Kuririn fly in, and see everyone is there. And then Freeza's ship starts coming in, and lands a short ways away.

It's definitely Freeza and one other person, and Vegeta yells that they'll have to walk so as not to be noticed by their Scouters. Yamcha is hesitant, having noticed how ridiculously huge his ki is. Tenshinhan can't believe they fought someone like that. Yamcha says there's nothing they could do even if they went over there, against TWO unbelievable people like that. Piccolo says what should they do instead, stay here and rot? Everyone knows there's nothing they can do. Vegeta decides to put it bluntly -- this is the end for the Earth.

Freeza has stepped out of his spaceship, along with his father and a bunch of random henchmen. Kold Daiou says it'll be three hours before the Super Saiyan returns, and asks if Freeza wants to wait. Freeza says of course. But he'll make him regret it, and kill all the Earthlings. There's a lot of Earthlings, but three hours should be plenty. Kold Daiou says to do what he wants with the Earthlings, but he must stop the Super Saiyan. Their family should be the strongest in the universe. Freeza says the two of them could surely defeat him, but even himself powered up should be able to. Yamcha gets pissed that he just came back to life, and now he's going to go die again. Freeza tells all of his men to go wipe out the Earthlings, as someone lands in front of Freeza...








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