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Chapter 335

Kyoufu no Messeeji

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #34
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 28
Kanzenban: 23


Gokuu asks if he's really Vegeta's son, and thinks he does resemble Vegeta come to think of it. Trunks says he'll be born in about two and a half years, but that's not what he came to tell him. He has something important to say: "Three years from now, at about 10 AM on May 12th, a fearsome duo will appear on an island nine kilometers southwest of South City. Monsters with no regard for life who hold tremendous power." Gokuu asks who they are, aliens? "No, they're jinzouningen, or cyborgs, invented right here on Earth. The one who created them is Doctor Gero, a mad scientist originally of the Red Ribbon Army." Gokuu is shocked to hear that. "That's right, the army you defeated a long time ago. But it seems Doctor Gero survived and continued his research." Gokuu asks why, world domination?

"I don't really know, but at least I think that was Doctor Gero's aim. However, he created ultimate murderous machines. Those Jinzouningen, Nineteen and Twenty, killed their parent Doctor Gero after they were born." Gokuu thinks they must really be something if he, a Super Saiyan who defeated Freeza, says they're monsters. "Yes, I've stood up to them, but no good... Anyhow, it's two opponents, and I can't fight them one-on-one, so I have to run away." Gokuu says wait, where's his friends? "There are none. In twenty years, I'm the only warrior remaining. The battle in three years, my father, Kuririn-san, Yamcha-san, Tenshinhan-san, Chaozu-san, Piccolo-san... Everyone is killed... Son Gohan-san just barely managed to survive... He taught me to fight, but then four years ago... As you know, when Piccolo-san dies, the Dragon Balls are also gone, so nobody could be returned to life. For years, they've been playing around and taking lives. Because of the Jinzouningen, my world in the future is like a living hell. Too strong...!! They're too strong...!!"

Gokuu says wait, what happened to him? "You didn't fight. You'll be infected with a disease not long from now, and you'll die. It's a virus-natured heart disease. Not even a Super Saiyan can win against disease." Gokuu figures not even Senzu works, and gets pissed that he dies instead of fighting. "You regret that you can't fight? Aren't you scared?" Gokuu says it's scary, but he wants to fight strong dudes. "You really are a true Saiyan warrior. You're just like Mom and Gohan-san said. You're trustworthy, I'm glad I came." Then Trunks pulls something out of his jacket. "When your symptoms show up, please take this. It's medicine for you. It's uncurable in this time, but in twenty years there's special medicine. You won't die with this medicine." Gokuu gets really excited and says thank you. "Really, I shouldn't be doing this. Changing history. But, for that kind of history... I believe that you can surely do something. Mom also wished this, and she managed to complete the time machine."

GOKUU: Your mommy...knows me?
TRUNKS: Yes, very well.
GOKUU: And she made a time machine...? Don't tell me...your mommy is...
TRUNKS: She's over there.

Vegeta is pissed they're still talking, and Blooma thinks Son-kun looks surprised. Gokuu says he was really surprised by that, and thought she'd end up with Yamcha. Trunks says Yamcha-san was kind of fickle and dumb, so they broke up, and she noticed Vegeta seemed lonely, so... But they never got married, what with their personalities. Gokuu understands that. Trunks says his father died when he was too young, so this is his first time meeting him. Yamcha wonders why they're looking over here, and Puer says they're smiling a bit. Trunks asks Gokuu to especially keep that a secret, because if the two of them found out, he might not be born. Then Trunks says he needs to get back to his mom, and that he has faith in Gokuu-san's strength. Gokuu asks if they'll meet again, and Trunks doesn't know, he needs a lot of time for the time machine to get the energy for a round trip. If he's still alive, he'll come back in three years. Gokuu tells him to live, and he'll spend the next three years training.

Trunks gives Gokuu a thumbs up, then flies off. Gokuu walks back to the others, wondering how he'll tell them all this. Kuririn asks what that dude wanted, and Gokuu says nothing big. Piccolo says to tell it, it's very important to all of them. Gokuu can't believe he heard, and Piccolo says his sense of hearing is different. Piccolo then says if it's hard for him to say, he'll say it. Gokuu protests, but Piccolo says he won't do anything to endanger the kid's existence and say anything unnecessary, but they'll all be killed without training. And so, Piccolo told them everything except about Trunks. Yamcha thinks that's all crazy, coming from the future. Piccolo says they can believe what they want, but he doesn't wanna die and will train. Then they look up and notice the time machine way up in the air, with Trunks inside. "Dad... As Mom said, you're strong, proud, stern, and you seem to be a lonely person. Somehow or other, don't die... Young Mom, good luck to you as well." Trunks waves down to everyone, then the time machine vanishes. Tenshinhan says he'll train, and Kuririn does too. Vegeta gets pissed and thinks he'll definitely survive in three years.








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